Gene Alvarez, Gartner: cutting e-commerce costs

Gartner analyst Gene Alvarez discusses how IT organizations responsible for e-commerce are challenged in 2009 to improve online customer experiences to make up for closed locations and lost sales personnel, while cutting IT expenditures by 5-25 percent.

Duration : 0:3:26

[youtube 02IdH7C-fFk]

One thought on “Gene Alvarez, Gartner: cutting e-commerce costs
  1. Great advice!

    The … Great advice!

    The only thing I’d point out that Gene does not mention is the fact that a growing body of high-quality open source solutions is available in addition to commercial products.

    Since in most cases you need to hire a team (albeit a small one) to install and configure your new solution whether it is OSS or commercial- you’re still expanding the economy while you improve your own business.
    (full disclosure- my company, Global Era, installs and customizes OSS solutions)

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