Using Network Marketing to Market Nutritional Products

A mega-trend and a business model have collided. One of the fastest growing segments of the market today is health and wellness including natural products, functional foods, and nutritional supplements. It has become a mega-trend and a visible social development across the globe.

Network marketing is the enticing business model. In network marketing the products are sold by a representative directly to consumers rather than through a retail store. In this model, the customer is more targeted and the representative is more informed about the product(s) being sold. Network marketing provides the representatives a home based supplemental income, a chance to run their own business, and improved morale. The unique compensation structure that the majority of network marketing companies have is the primary driver of this business model. Representatives, or associates as they are sometimes called, are also compensated based on the revenues generated by the representatives whom they recruit into the business. These recruits are referred to as a downline; and as the downline expands, so do commissions. Representatives can earn income not only by selling products retail at a markup but also on the group volume generated by their downlines. Commissions can run as low as 35% and as high as 44%.

The health and wellness industry and the network marketing model are both strong standing alone but are even more powerful when the two are combined. There is a lack of information about nutritional supplements as one can see in retail settings with shelves crowded with multiple varieties and brands of similar products. Poorly trained and therefore unknowledgeable salespeople cannot facilitate the shopping experience. In network marketing, the representatives or associates are consumers themselves and know the products well. The best advocate for any nutritional product is the user him/herself. When a person’s life is changed as a result of product use, a strong loyalty is created to the product and to the business opportunity.

Judy Kelly

2 thoughts on “Using Network Marketing to Market Nutritional Products
  1. Qivana: Qore & MetaboliQ …a scam? — OR revolutionary new health company?Qivana: Qore & MetaboliQ …a scam? OR revolutionary new health company?

    I saw some folks talking about Qivana being some kind of scam. They were just curious because it’s a new company and there was not a lot of info on it at the time.

    However a bunch of "advisors" jumped in to say it’s "probably a scam." I always find it interesting that people will open their mouth to express an opinion about something which they know absolutely nothing about. Of course the internet is sort of like writing on the bathroom wall…. just a really BIG bathroom wall.

    My question is… when it’s easy to just use internet search to do a few minutes of research, why do people, instead, choose to just throw out any old opinion as if they know what they are talking about?

    Here is what you can find out about Qivana if you want to do a bit of research…

    CEO – Derek Hall. Mr. Hall was with McKesson Pharmaceutical for 26 years, the last 10 as their Chief Sales Officer. He was also CEO of Unigen Pharmaceutical and CEO of Natures Way… increasing income at all three dramatically. With Natures Way they were in the red when he came on board and he took them to the neighborhood of 47 million a year in revenue within a few years.

    Other management – from top network marketing companies. Check their web site.

    No "magic pills" … these are products that are UNIQUE, put together as a "systems approach" and designed by top Doctors in their field…..

    Dr. Marcus Laux – author of "Natural Woman, Natural Menopause" and responsible for coining the now, well used term, bio-identical. Considered the "Doctor to the Stars," Dr. Laux has had a full time practice in Malibu and Beverly Hills for about 20 years, and has traveled the world lecturing about natural health practices and botanicals.

    Dr. Donald K. Layman, University of Illinois, winner: Shannon Award from the National Institute of Health and 2009 Nutrition and Metabolism Leadership award. Dr. Layman is considered to be the top nutrition and metabolism researcher in the country and has the awards to back that up. The average Doctors publishes 2-5 peer reviewed papers over the course of his career. Dr. Layman has published over 90!

    The company has two health "systems" – unique, integrated products that work together to improve the immune system, detox the body, and provide a nutritional jumpstart system for weight management.

    Qore is for immunity and detox. MetaboliQ is for weight management.
    These systems have NO competition in the marketplace and are superior in composition, ingredients and formulation. You can research this and find the information.

    Sales for the Metaboliq system alone are predicted to (if they continue at the current pace) end up being the number #1 selling weight management system in the US by the end of the year. But this is not a "diet" system… it’s for anyone that wants to build muscle and burn fat using healthy, perfectly balanced products.

    It’s "weight management" because it is NOT some "fad" diet, but simply a system to give a little jump-start to a healthy eating lifestyle that will build muscle and burn fat naturally. The system is based on 30 years of research by Dr. Layman at the University of Illinois and it consists of the products… but also EDUCATION.

    So my question is… What genius would think that people of this calibre, would be involved in a company that was in any way questionable? I’m hoping that those "negative nellies" have already figured out the truth… but, if not, they can start their own research right here…

  2. Sue, You did exactly what you’re supposed to do. Research! And after doing the research, it does sound like it’s not a scam. You’re the one who has to decide if you want to spend the money to try it!
    Best of luck, whatever you decide! (It sounds pretty good to me!) ;)References : Nurse.

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