Image Sun Tanning Centers Bring a Glow to Your Skin and Your Bank Account

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 23, 2008 – Looking our best is more than a trend as more and more people have taken a greater interest in their personal health appearance. No longer just a matter for individual longevity, but as a way to giving yourself an edge in an ever increasingly competitive market place whether it’s to get the job in the first place or jump ahead for the promotion.

Just as a fashionable suit or tailored dress can make the difference in superiority of your looks, a healthy looking tanned skinned body tells the world you are vibrant, in top form and look like success.

Image Sun Tanning Centers have been providing an oasis of indoor tanning beds that cater to the person who understands to look your best, will make you do your best. At Image Sun you can find a wide variety of equipment to give you a beautiful and friendly tanning experience. Set in a clean, up-scale atmosphere, the Image Sun Tanning Center locations bring the best part of the sun right where you want it; in a comfortable and sand-free salon that pampers your body the way it should be.

The tanning industry has never been better as the need for convenient and clean tanning beds and centers have grown each year. Even in tough economic times people still need to look and feel good about themselves and nothing says inner peace like an outer glow.

Taking a look at the numbers it’s easy to see why owning an Image Sun Tanning Center franchise make good business sense. Let’s start with the market itself.

Over the last decade the tanning salon business has risen in both locations and revenues. The industry has jumped to over $7 billion dollars and is one of the biggest growth industries in the United States. Recent projections for small businesses have shown that the tanning bed businesses are going to continue to streak upwards hitting over 50% of increased production by the end of the century. Tanning bed salon businesses are just one of the many small businesses in this country that are the hallmark of the American Dream and represent 40% of all retail sales accounted for in the consumer market.

Owning a business, whether it’s an original concept store or franchise can be a daunting task. The people at Image Sun Tanning Centers have perfected the art of the franchise by creating a system that incorporates all the ingredients to make a successful business. From site selection to operational procedures, Image Sun knows what it takes to build a business and keep it successful.

The vision of tanning bed salon franchise ownership can be a reality but there are numerous things to consider. This is why Image Sun takes each perspective owner through an entire course to understand and become educated in the areas of location evaluation, construction principles, lease negotiations as well as getting into the details of the day to day operations.

Proper planning makes for perfect execution. Every small business that has failed has done so more because of a lack of pre-meditated business forecasting. Image Sun Tanning Centers have taken the guess work and inexperience out of the equation of owning and operating your very own tanning bed salon.

Every Image Sun Tanning Center salon is more than just a small business; it becomes part of the community and just as important, part of the Image Sun Tanning Center family.

For more information about owning and operating your very own Image Sun Tanning Center business click on their web site at or contact them direct at 888-LOOK-GR8.


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