How Online Marketing Can Bring Hundreds of Dollars Into Your Pocket

You may characterize the times today as the best yet the worst of times. Holding such thought is somewhat reasonable and realistic. With the increasing ado on looming recession and imminent layoffs, you could absolutely feel like the market is quickly disintegrating. But don’t despair.

Did you know that now is in fact the best time to make money from the web? This article will demonstrate to you four methods of earning money through the Internet just by selling others’ products. So read on and you will be amazed at how much money you can earn in less than 10 minutes and while you’re in the comforts of your home

From Advertising Revenues

The Internet advertising revenues last year (2007) practically reached $21.1 billion. Even with the economic slump, this displays no hints of abating in 2008 and beyond. Now, would it not be pieces of heaven if you were to get shares of the pie?

If you have blogs and websites, you can actually sell the advertising spaces on those pages. Just make sure that your blogs are fascinating enough for it to be differentiated from all other blogs, you drive traffic to your website and you can convince your visitors to click on those advertisements.

Among the high-earning blogs are Perez Hilton (entertainment and gossip), Go Fug Yourself (fashion) and BoingBoing (technology).

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

This method is considered to be the finest way to make money on the web. In essence, you get a commision of sales each time you sell someone else’s products and each time you cause visitors to purchase someone else’s products. Either way, you earn additional money!

There’s bigger money in affiliate marketing. With this, however, you have to be well-versed of some technical terms and be knowledgeable of the ethics in the industry.

Retail Commerce

This is where your accounting and marketing lessons in college can come to the fore. In essence, retail commerce involves the purchase of products in wholesale, the taking care of inventory and the reselling of these items. The stiff competition among other e-shops is present but with time, perseverance and sound marketing skills, you’ll get by.

You earn money online by adding on a healthy profit margin to the products to compensate for the shipping costs. These shipping costs are minimal compared to what you can earn out of reselling more products.

Drop Shipping

In this kind of business, you act as the salesperson for your supplier as you are actually responsible for completing a transaction with a customer. You then forward the details (such as price, specs of the item) of the purchase. This is a preferred way to earn money through the web as you don’t have to take care of hefty inventory costs.

You gain profit in drop shipping by charging your clients with a price that’s larger than that required by your supplier. In short, this line of business is simply operating a wholesale business minus the costs of inventory and shipping.

These are just four of the great methods of making money through the Internet. All you require are your laptop, an Internet access, and a passion for business. If you possess a good mix of those, you will definitely free yourself from recession woes and job worries.

Jerrymae McAdams

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