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Certainly, website hosting can be a complicated procedure. There are several questions which come in user’s way while questing for a hosting company. Some of them are, knowing about the requirement of space, amount of transfer, a reliable host, and putting all the things online. Not an easy job! Isn’t it? Addition of ecommerce is quite sufficient to make whole the task much more complicated.

The purpose of this article is to deal with those additional complications only.

Disk Space and Transfer:

What is common between all the forms of hosting? The answer is space and transfer, or rather traffic. This is usually measured on monthly basis. It is very important for the user to have full knowledge about it before searching for a suitable host. In comparison to others Ecommerce sites demands additional space and transfer. The reason behind it is the presence of the shopping cart upon which the online storefront is based. These are installed to the account on which they function, demands space, and their scripts for operating the store demands further transfer to handle customers as they browse, includes items to their respective cart, and check out. Does enormous quantity of further transfer is required by the cart? It relies on the fact that how many users have utilized the cart. Due to this reason only it is quit good to begin with a small scale and to upgrade according to future response.

If one talk about prospective online merchants they follow a good concept to sell how many products in beginning. It may differ from merchant to merchant, and several merchants don’t put their complete stocks on the internet. When it comes to a user with huge quantity of products they should keep in mind that they may need to go for a service with a larger hosting package. Once the decision related to products has been confirmed one can fully concentrate on searching a shopping cart to enclose them.

Shopping Cart:

The selection of shopping cart can be as per personal interest. Users who are beginners in the ecommerce field may not have much knowledge and experience regarding any sort of shopping cart software. There are different sorts of varieties which can be user’s personal choice or may be recommended by the hosting company. The shopping cart should match user’s requirements and can bring his/her store down during a transitional period. Selection should not be without any investigation. One can even go for demonstration for a sure search. The user should understand that it is a prime source for doing Business online and cannot be taken for granted. If user posses a large business and have a design firm setting up the cart, a basic understanding of the cart’s processes is quite essential.

One should go thoroughly go through his/her prospective shopping cart software as many times as possible. User should ensure that it supports SSL, which is a common site security protocol that will assist to keep user’s credit card numbers confidential while doing an online business. It requires upholding one’s merchant account and payment gateway. In several occasions host might keep itself away from providing these services. One’s user protect his/her merchant services independently from hosting, he/she should confirm that they are compatible. Do not forget to verify about maximum product limit displayed in cart and, try level best not to cross it. The functioning and performing efficiency of the store may get adversely affected if there is numerous amount of products placed in it.

Thus, one should ensure that it will do all the things as per user’s wish. There are few of the merchants who sell services and downloadable items that don’t ensure flow as required. If by chance one’s cart doesn’t assist the provided features by default, there may be presence of third party to deliver this function. The merchant needs to purchase and install these add-ons on their own basis, as concern hosting company may not be able to assist them for this purpose.

Consistency and Support:

No doubt, one of the crucial features to look in the host is consistency. What happens when one’s online site suffers from downtime damaging the customer and sales accounts? For such a sensitive issue requirement of a dependable host is must. Assurance just by mouth is not sufficient enough. Proper investigation and confirmation is essential. For that one can also take the help of customer reviews. When it is talk about online merchants they always stay ready to pay additional amount for reliable support and proper uptime. For successive process one should remain away from any form of free or “bargain basement” hosting providers, because in this form of hosting one cannot take chance with reliability and uptime.


For proper selection of ecommerce hosting company needs to keep in mind some of the additional features. One should possess proper strategy regarding products, shopping cart, and then shop for his/her hosting company. One may require additional space and transfer in comparison to an equivalent site, however begin minutely with product selection and one can still save considerable amount on concern hosting. User should look for a shopping cart that’s simple to utilize, as going at a later date can upshot in downtime and a bulk of work transferring one’s products. Hence, at the end user should ensure that his/her concern host delivers firm uptime, this is due to the reason that an online store cannot produce sales or revenue if it is suffering from downtime.

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2 thoughts on “Thought About Ecommerce Hosting
  1. 1and1 ecommerce hosting. help needed?Hi . Does anyone here have experience with 1and1 eshop?
    I am thinking of purchasing 1and1 hosting plan to create an ecommerce site.

    Please provide detailed instructions on how I can go about making this happen.

    1. List of things I would need to do to get this site up and running.

    2. Technical stuff I would need to know (I have experience in web development, but i have no exp. with ecommerce.). Would I need to do some development work or is the eshop template they provide basically the entire site and you just have to plug in your logo, content, etc. is this relatively straightforward to do?

    3. List of other stuff to know like how to set up the payment process. How would I link my bank account (e-merchant account?) to the ecommerce site to accept payment, etc. Not familiar with this process and would appreciate detailed explanation.

    Please help.. not just put up a link to some web hosting site and say all the answers are there. Thanks in advance

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