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Web 2.0 development is about. Revolutionary new ideas are at the bottom of Web 2.0. It embraces quite a number of social phenomena like social networking, user-generated content and collective intelligence. And technologies which become popular in the Web 2.0 era are merely the means to make it easy for everyone to participate, share and create. Therefore blogs, social bookmarking and networking sites are some of the most popular online destinations nowadays. At Black Soft; we develop web 2.0 software application as per your requirment for individuals and enterprises which affects as doing business well.


Web 2.0 Application


Black Soft has the extensive expertise, experience and resources to develop Web 2.0 Applications and custom web 2.0 applications – that best suit our client’s needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure. Web 2.0 is second generation of internet services used in developing i.e. rich internet applications , social networking sites, wiki , community portals, online collaboration, and communication tools.

We offer Custom Web 2.0 Website Design & Programming Services, Web 2.0 Product Development and Consulting services to companies globally.

Black Soft plans, designs, builds, tests and implements Web 2.0 Design and Programming Services within strict quality standards, fully integrating them into clients’ business processes and system environments. are examples of applications we have developed for our clients :


1. Custom web 2.0 Application Development

2. Web 2.0 Application Development

3. E-Commerce/Shopping Cart and Customer Service Applications

4. Adverting Tracking, Classified, Resume Management, Inventory Management, 


Logistics Management, Accounts Management and many more…Our dedicated team of Web 2.0 developers has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience.

We have the expertise and strengths in the following fields:

1. Web Application Analysis and Design

2. Web 2.0 Upgrade

3. Web Application Development

4. E-Commerce Web Design & Web Development Solutions

5. Database Tuning and Automated Maintenance


We work closely with clients to define their business vision and strategy to plan, implement and support their Web 2.0 initiatives. We identify business objectives and the benefits that Web 2.0 can provide and develop a detailed roadmap for solution implementation.


Technology Assessment and Architecture

The complex Web 2.0 technology infrastructure presupposes considerable complexity in application implementation, testing and support as compared to traditional web applications. When designing technical architecture we pay special attention to proper selection and effective usage of various Web 2.0 methods, frameworks and techniques including server-side software, client-side software, RSS, web protocols, valid XHTML markup, ActiveX controls, applets, real-time push, Web Services, APIs, etc. 


Implementation, Support and On-going Improvement

Based on the roadmap and architecture developed during the assessment stage we deliver solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance, business and technical scalability. After the initial launch of the system we help clients grow and improve the solution by seamlessly integrating new features and services on top of existing functionality.


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4 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Application Development : Web 2.0 Development India : Web 2.0 Application : Web 2.0 India
  1. Hi! Please throw light on the best software companies in India for software application development.?We want to develop an application on the lines of Microsoft Outlook. We are based in India as well as in Silicon Valley and we were trying to hone in on a software company in India which has experience in developing applications.

    Would be very obliged as I have tried all resources at my disposal but have drawn a blank.

    Please feel free to seek any further clarifications from me.

    Thank you for reading my question.

  2. There is nothing like best in this world dude….there are many companies in india..india is full of IT companies..every company has its own perspectives and working conditions and objectives..i can list some companies for you

    Polaris soft. ltd : gurgaon
    Xchanging india ; gurgaon
    ibm : bangalore
    infosys ; bangalore
    wipro : bangaloreReferences :

  3. I use http://www.elance.com. there are plenty of India Providers and e-lance provides feedback and a safe buying platform. But as in anything do your homework on the providers, but mostly I have had good luck with the projects I have postedReferences :

  4. Hi
    I can suggest you Infosys technologies which has worked extensively on such application development. Please let me know what are your plans if you can share them with me.I will connect you to the correct persons in my organisation.

    Thanks & Regards
    Shashank Rangole.References : I am working with Infosys tech and hence I believe that we can make a difference as a partner in your success.

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