What is a White Collar Franchise/business/opportunity?

White collar franchises or business opportunities are those which allow the franchise holder to work in a situation or industry that they may previously have thought required them to have certain qualifications. The term white collar very often references executive or managerial placements.

Previously, franchise was perceived to be associated predominantly with blue collar workers. The expression stems mostly from the working classes and the kinds of jobs they traditionally did: more usually physical or industrial jobs, commonly described as unskilled work. The tag ‘white collar’, by contrast, was mainly employed to portray those with greater credentials; very often white collar workers were found in administrative positions in businesses that used a blue collar workforce.

Both of these rather archaic terms are still widely used, although these days the edges are found to be slightly blurred. Generally a blue collar franchise business would be one that concerned the manufacture of products, manual labour, and would very likely necessitate a hands-on side to doing unskilled work.

Many people wonder what represents a good white collar franchise or business opportunity, and want to know if it’s the case these days that the class system has no make a success of a white collar franchise? Quite simply – yes.

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One of the most excellent white collar franchise business openings currently available is a WSI consultancy. WSI franchise were actually named ‘The first white collar franchise’, and this business opportunity really is cutting edge. With so many businesses seeing the advantages of promoting their businesses on the Internet, a specialized solutions service is now considered an essential thing, not a luxury. This is precisely the service that WSI provides its many of business customers with – and it’s an fundamental aspect of productively advancing their companies on the net.

WSI franchise holders are given total training as soon as they have invested in their franchises and continuous back up is on-hand in the early stages while consultants gain confidence and grow their businesses.

Consultants with WSI have the advantages of personal and professional independence. By employing the company’s six-phased development plan they are able to ensure success for literally thousands of businesses of all sizes worldwide. WSI’s bespoke solutions are guaranteed to be successful! These methods improve income dramatically cut overheads and improve productivity. And, as the company’s proven systems are so well-organized, even trainee consultants discover that they rapidly acclimatize to being white-collar consultants.

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WSI Consultants use the company’s ground-breaking technologies, expertise, training and back-up in order to supply tailor-made Internet solutions to business customers – the technical side is handled by the company on the franchisee’s behalf. In addition,  this white collar career opening is obtainable for the affordable and recession-friendly sum of $49,700.

If you once thought blue collar work was your only choice, you’re advised to reconsider and be positive. Changing times bring about new horizons. WSI recognises the massive swing toward e-commerce, and this means there are well-paid prospects to be had by all.

Elizabeth Miranda

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