Fitline Health-supplements, Anti-aging Program From Pm International – the Wellness Company



Wellness Company PM International has developed the “FitLine Premium Health Solution”, an innovative  Anti-Aging Program, using a patented Nutrient Transport Concept. According to PM International CEO, Rolf Sorg, this program is expected to contribute to the goals almost everyone has: higher quality of life due to improved wellness and strength. A more enjoyable life due to better looks and a healthy appearance.


Positioned internationally and programmed for further growth, PM International is number 1 in the German nutritional supplement market. Their guiding principle is “Natural Health Supplements, Fitness and Beauty, both internally and externally, trough innovative Cell energy.” They concentrate on the premium segment of the market. They offer a variety of product lines, including nutritional supplements for the entire family and a complete line of skin care products and cosmetics.

PM-International is not only present in all of the important markets in Europe, but has been expanding globally for years. It is already present in over 20 countries. Annual sales total over 100 Million Euro and are growing at double-digit percentage rates. As opposed to most competitors, the company is financially independent and achieves its growth solely from internal capital. This Award winning company is busy establishing their presence in America and Asia. PM International is also busy establishing their PM e-commerce opportunity for their business partners with their own turnkey internet businesses.

Dr. Gerhardt Schmitt is a Nutritional scientist, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and developer of the FitLine health supplements. He state that they offer everyone worldwide the opportunity to become an independent PM International home based distributor for all of their products. As Independent Consultants, you sell their products through the company’s Internet Wellness Shops, at your own website or at your own discretion, creating your own home based business.

This company also offers live video and phone conferences to its independent Wellness Consultants four times a week to keep everyone updated and answer questions Consultants might have about the business.

As a Wellness Consultant with PM International you have their support. You determine your financial growth at your own pace. The company is interested in long term harmonious relationships with its Consultants. PM International wants you to work with them in a relaxed atmosphere, receiving their support in every area you need in order to be a success.

Burchel Belfor

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