is java searchable by google?

I want to use a Java app on my ecommerce site, but only if it will improve my rankings with Google. So, can Google search content that appears in Java?

As Google says, search engines are basically text based. You can add elements such as Java or flash in your website BUT you need to provide text or that page should be available in text format

Read Flash, images, and other non-text files from Google Webmaster

Cyber-Monday Online Buying Frenzy – December 01, 2008 AIS Media CEO, Thomas Harpointner, appears on Fox Business News

AIS Media, Inc. CEO, Thomas Harpointner, appeared on FOX Business News, December 01, 2008, to discuss Cyber-Monday internet trends and how retailers are responding to price-conscious customers by using internet strategies in driving shoppers to both online and retail stores.

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Part 2: 5 expert business tips that will improve your sales

Hot business advice: The way we talk with customers has made a dramatic shift. Gone are the days of one sided talk about a product or service. In a global marketplace customers want and expect to be able to have a conversation about your products and how you can help. And they want to hear what others are saying about you too.

In this show, we’ll look at 5 simple tips that’ll get you on your way to making those conversations more profitable.

These five tips come straight from some of the top experts in communication; Bill Caskey, Founder of Caskey Training, Lori Richardson, President of Score More Sales, and Clayton Shold, Co-founder of Salesopedia.

To find out what these five tips are and how you could be using them to improve your sales today – Watch this show right now, or see hundreds more shows packed with expert advice at

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Visual Ecommerce – Improving Online Shopping

Comparing multiple items online is difficult because we use text to convey information about each item. This requires user to read and remember the descriptions of each item before deciding which ones to consume.

By conveying the same information visually, users would be able to capture more information about each item more quickly.

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Shipping Systems – E-tailer Options: UPS / Worldwide Brands ‘Shipping Tips for Online Sellers’ Series. Video Tip 9 explains what shipping solutions UPS offers to Internet retailers. See UPS’ shipping solution for small Internet sellers, and find out how it can help you reduce the paperwork to prepare, send, track and pay for your online business’ shipping. You’ll also learn about UPS’ free shipping solution that lets you generate shipping labels with your ecommerce business’ reference codes and barcodes, capture your online buyers’ billing info and easily manage accounting. This free shipping solution gives you access to the complete range of UPS services, including tools that let you and your buyers track your packages. See where to get demos of these shipping systems and how to get started with them. This UPS Shipping Tips video series tackles the common packing and shipping issues that come up when you sell products online, and gives practical tips and advice for streamlining your e-business’ shipping process.

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Related Items on Yahoo Store E-Commerce by Vastplanet

Michael Vorel discusses Related Items Technology by on the Yahoo Store e-commerce platform. Related Items shows the visitor other product options to choose from when reviewing the main product or to add onto for incremental sales. For example, you may be looking at a Grooming Lounge Shaving Cream and you see they have a matching Skin Care Cleanser or Toner. This can improve e-commerce conversions and reduce shoppng cart abandonment.

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What is the best way to market a new product line? I need some suggestions 4 improving my eCommerce business?

I have had my business up and running now since around January 1st 2008. I am getting a decent amount of traffic on both the site and the blog, but not meeting any sales forecasts I have made. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated! is the eCommerce site. is the blog!

Peace and Happy reading!

Look to where the market is at: there are 50 million of the hottest buyers you can reach for free via MySpace and YouTube. You need to make a really hot video and use it to have others promote you.

Go to Youttube and search "pancakes." View the vid that has nearly 3 million hits. What’s wrong? –They had NO commercial sponsor!

People have yet to figure out how to make the web pay off: I work with an agency that made a Paris Hilton spoof video and it Carl’s Jr’s asked them to allow be viewed on their site. It got 20 million views and the execs at CJ attributed it to amassing over $25 mil in additional free publicity for them. But the agency got zilch, and is still trying to figure out how to capitalize…

I went to your sites and you can created targeted publicity situations for your product, but you have to be bright about it. Any good PR or marketing person should be able to do this no prob. Also, I’d look into how to get your product carried by chain retailers…