How to Earn Money Online Fast and Easy

Do you want to know how to earn money online fast and easy? Rest assured, there are many, if not millions of different ways to earn money from home using the internet. Here are just three ways to earn money online.

1. Selling information products

This is by far one of the best ways to earn money on the internet. If you are knowledgeable in a particular area and there is a high demand for your knowledge and know-how, you may have stumbled upon one of the best ways to earn money online: selling information products. They generally offer very high profit margins on the sales that you generate, and once you’ve got the product, it is just a matter of selling it to earn money fast and easy.

In order to get started with this money-making strategy you’ll need the product and a website. You will also need to generate visitors (traffic) to your website and convert

that traffic into paying customers. If you happened to find a topic that many people are eager to pay money to learn more about, selling informational products is a great way to earn money.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You don’t even need to create your own product (or have a product created at all) in order to earn a ton of money on the internet. You can actually earn a lot of money fast and easy by selling affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is where you receive a commission in return for referring people to a given product or service. These products or services are provided entirely by another company that pays you commission.

It’s very easy to become an affiliate and you‘ll never be laid off or loose your job. You can join an affiliate network for free (in most cases), advertise to promote products to customers, get paid commissions from affiliate networks for referring customers to them. How do you get customers? Well that can be as straightforward as advertising on the major search engines.

3. Running an Ecommerce Store

If you like to sell stuff, then running an ecommerce store might be another option to earn money from home for you. It may take time building the store and attracting web traffic (visitors) to your website, but once you have a regular stream of customers, this is a terrific way to earn money on the internet very quickly. When it comes to the question of

the main advantage of having an ecommerce store, as opposed to selling informational products, is that most people who visit your ecommerce website are already wanting to buy something that is offered for sale there.

So the big question is which way to earn money online is right for you? The answer to that important question should definitely be the way to make money online that appeals to you most, based on your objectives and circumstances. I hope that you find this information helpful and good luck in your search to earn money online.

Boris R

How Well Do You Know Your Seo?

I thought that it would be a good idea to spend some time reviewing what you’ve learned in the past few months through the SEO Elite newsletter. One thing to remember in any learning process is that unless you apply what you’ve picked up on a daily basis, you’re not going to benefit from your investment. It doesn’t matter how expensive or valuable that advice is; even simple, common sense tips are rendered meaningless by a lack of application. To help you recap what you’ve learned so far, I’ve prepared a short quiz (20 questions) on the most important SEO topics. I hope that at the end of it, you will be able to better evaluate your current SEO efforts, and should be able to pinpoint the areas where you need to improve. The quiz is divided into 3 sections (On-page optimization, link building and general SEO), and is geared towards the basics – so hopefully you should all be doing pretty well in it. The answers are at the end, but please don’t peek: Let’s get started.

SEO Elite Refresher Quiz #1
On-Page Optimization

1. Your website sells Green Widgets – what is the best Title tag for your main page?
a. Get Green Widgets, Buy Green Widgets, Green Widgets, Green Widget
b. We have Cheap Green Widgets with great prices and selection
c. Buy Green Widgets | Discount Widgets
d. Home |

2. Your site map has more than 100 links to your pages. Do you:
a. Create a hierarchy of links, and split up the site map into multiple pages.
b. Keep adding new links, no problem.
c. Add a second page to your site map and add new links to that.
d. Stop adding links to your site map completely.

3. How many words should you consider writing in a page of pure content (such as an article, a blog post or a product review)?
a. 100-200
b. 500-800
c. 200-400
d. 800+

4. What is the optimum keyword density you should aim for?
a. 2%-5%.
b. Keep the content normal, but stuff the page with hidden text in alt tags, meta tags and “white-on-white” text to maximize keyword density.
c. As much as possible, while keeping the content human-readable.
d. Forget keyword density – search engines pay very little attention to it any more. Just focus on writing content that people will want to link to.

5. What should you put inside meta tags?
a. Put your full keyword list in the meta keywords tag, and put your most important keywords in the meta description tag.
b. Ignore the meta tags – search engines don’t use them.
c. Write a short description of your website in the meta description tag, and put your most important keywords in the meta keywords tag.
d. Put your most important keywords in the meta keywords tag and don’t use a meta description tag.

6. How should you use images on your site?
a. Use the alt tag to accurately describe the each image, and include descriptive content around each image.
b. Put your most important keyword in an alt tags followed by the word “graphic”.
c. Just use them wherever it is necessary from an aesthetic perspective, without regard for alt tags because they aren’t really that important.
d. Use alt tags to “hide” your full keyword list so you can increase your page’s keyword density.

7. Which style tag is preferred by the W3C for emphasizing important text?
a. <b>
b. <strong>
c. <heavy>
d. <bold>

Link Building

8. What types of websites are most trusted by search engines (authority sites)?
a. High PR websites.
b. .edu and .gov websites.
c. Low PR websites with lots of backlinks.
d. Medium to High PR websites with lots of backlinks from other high ranking websites.
e. Both b and d

9. Which of these sites will provide the most valuable link?
a. A PR 7 website.
b. A PR 5 site closely related to your niche with strong backlinks from .edu and .gov (trusted) domains.
c. A website with hundreds of pages of duplicate content that is banned in the search engines.
d. A PR 6 website loosely related to your niche but with few ‘trusted’ backlinks.

10. Suppose that you were offered the following 4 choices as a link – which one would be the most valuable?
a. An optimized contextual link (a link as part of a page’s content with proper anchor text) from a closely related PR 5 site’s main page content.
b. A link on the links page of an unrelated PR 7 site – shared with 50 other links (and their two line descriptions).
c. A link on the links page of closely related PR 6 site – shared with 20 other links.
d. A PR 6 link from a directory page with 10 other links only.

11. If you were building links for, what would be your strategy in choosing anchor text?
a. Buy high PR links from closely related sites that offer traffic as well as link wealth.
b. Use organic marketing tactics to encourage natural link growth using your site’s content.
c. Submit articles to article directories and link to your site’s inner pages in those articles to build ‘deep’ links.
d. All of the above.

12. Which of these four is the most important in assessing a link?
a. The anchor text.
b. The PR of the page you’re getting the links from.
c. The number of outgoing links on the link page.
d. The title tag of the link page.

13. How many links should you get for your site in the first 6 months (on average)?
a. 50-70 links a month.
b. 100+ links a month.
c. As many quality links as you can.
d. 25-40 a month.

General SEO

14. What does PageRank technically measure?
a. The linking power carried by a particular link.
b. How many external, inbound links point to a particular page.
c. The number and quality of the links pointing to a particular page.
d. Your ranking position in the search engines.

15. What does the term “Sandbox” describe in reference to Google’s SERPs?
a. The ranking factors affecting all new websites that are targeting highly competitive keywords before targeting less competitive keywords.
b. Google’s system for penalizing sites exhibiting an overly-optimizing back-link structure.
c. Google’s penalty for building too many links too quickly.
d. Google’s play area for their staff during lunch break.

16. What is the best way for websites with very little content (like ecommerce stores) rank highly for competitive product terms?
a. They have a lot of natural links (one-way, contextual) with optimal anchor text from a wide variety of websites.
b. Their pages are stuffed with keywords and “white text”.
c. They use content-generating software to spam the search engines and attain false rankings.
d. They pay a lot of money to get high PR links.

17. Which of these will NOT get your site penalized in Google?
a. Thousands of automatically-generated pages built only for the search engines.
b. Building quality links at a steady pace.
c. Scraping (stealing) content from other websites.
d. Getting links from websites that Google considers to be from a ‘bad’ link neighborhood.

18. Which of these five methods will not give you an accurate estimate of the search demand in a niche?
a. Overture search term figures
b. numbers

19. When designing the site structure of a website, which of the following statements is NOT a good idea?
a. Make a site map that points to each page on the site.
b. Attempt to make all pages accessible from the home page by at most 3 clicks.
c. Link all of your inner pages to all of your other websites.
d. Create a category structure that goes from broad to narrow.

20. Which is
the best method of getting traffic to your site?
a. Pay-per-click ads.
b. Pay for high PR links so that you get a PR yourself, which will help boost your own search engine rankings.
c. Submit your website to search engines and popular directories, and focus on creating content.
d. Create quality content that people in your niche would want to link to, and then promote that content through article syndication, blogs and forums.
e. All of the above.

Ok, now that you’ve answered all the 20 questions, compare your answers to the answer sheet below. This was a fairly basic quiz, so if you get less than 10 right, you should seriously consider reviewing the material in this newsletter. However, if you got more than 15 right, congratulations – you’ve got the basics right. Make sure that you apply these principles to your websites as well, otherwise you wont see good rankings.

Answers Key:
1-c; 2-a; 3-b; 4-d; 5-c; 6-a; 7-b; 8-e; 9-b; 10-a; 11-d; 12-a; 13-c; 14-c; 15-a; 16-a; 17-b; 18-d; 19-c; 20-e.

Mike Benner

Making Internet Marketing Work for Your Business

Information and Communication technology is the single entity that has practically changed the overall perspective of how we do things. It is one of the advancement which significantly defined how we do practically everything. From the ordinary individual on the street up to the president of a san diego seo company, their lives, decisions and activities are shaped by information that are sent and received using this technology.

For the typical businessman, critical decisions and activities in his store revolve around the ubiquitous computer. Business solutions that are offered for the efficient conduct of business usually has as its integral component the use of information and communication technology. As one of its essential parameter is internet marketing. Companies such as those offering seo san diego services have one active marketing strategy – the use of the internet to reach its target market.

Today, internet marketing has evolved to be one if not the most important business force in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company. With this in mind, a businessman should now ask himself this question. Am I ready for this innovation in my business? Is it cost efficient? Will it improve my bottomline? A professional seo company can provide you with relevant service to optimize the use of this business strategy. Several professional seo company provide with the needed services to guide us in our desire to introduce our business in the web. Depending on who you are talking to, internet marketing can mean several things. For some, internet marketing consisted mostly of having a website or placing banner ads on other websites. On the other end of the spectrum, there are loads of san diego seo company telling you that you can make a fortune overnight on the Internet and who try to sell you some form of “Internet marketing program”. The success of using the e-commerce as a strategy in your business could be increased by the use of the service of san diego seo. This seo san diego firm should not just get you to the top of the list of most internet queries but should also make it convenient for web surfers to select your company whenever they search for products or services that you offer. In other words, getting an seo san diego service means taking your company to the right people at the right time.


Louie Ang

Leading Travel Clothing Retailer Rohan Expands Its Search Engine Marketing Activities

Full service, multi-channel eCommerce and eMarketing agency e-inbusiness has been working with leading travel clothing retailer Rohan to expand its Search Engine Marketing Activities.

Rohan has been working with e-inbusiness to deliver its Search Engine Marketing Strategy (SEM) since February 2008. Now, achieving excellent return on investment for its Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimisation activities, Rohan was keen to take its long term focus of Search Engine Marketing to the next level.

Building on the current activities in place, the e-inbusiness SEM team was tasked with devising an enhanced strategy that would address both short term and long term goals. In the short term, the strategy focuses on helping Rohan to maximise festive seasonal traffic with a long term view to attracting more new customers to the site whilst helping to build long term profitable relationships and increase customer repeat purchase behaviours.

Founded in the 1970s, UK based Rohan has grown into today’s market leader for travel clothing. Selling adventure, travel and performance clothing, they launched their current eCommerce proposition with e-inbusiness in 2007.

Nigel Corp, e-inbusiness Chief Operating Officer said: “It’s great to see Rohan expand and build upon its current Search Engine Marketing activities. Effective, proactive and strategic Search Engine Marketing campaigns have the potential to add real value to your online presence, driving up visitor traffic and maximising online revenue.”

Building online brands since 1999 for a large number of high profile retail clients including: New Look, Radley, Farrow & Ball, The Conran Shop and Dreams, e-inbusiness understands retail business needs and combines high energy creativity, best of breed technology and full service support to add measurable value to its clients. For further information visit:


Internet Marketing & Online Search Advertising in Phoenix Sustains the Recession

This strategy is driven by actual numbers instead of relative guesses. When Phoenix chooses online advertising they are not alone. The use of focused and driven marketing allows you to more clearly identify how your advertising dollars are working and what seems to be most effective. This information allows you to alter your strategy as needed. 

The good news is an increasing number of companies in the Phoenix area are opting for more cost effective methods to promote their company in tough economic times. Business owners in Phoenix are turning to web marketing, and they are finding success.

Part of the success is that the business appeal goes far beyond metropolitan Phoenix. In most traditional models of marketing businesses reach out to the known service area and do not think globally or even nationally. Online marketing in Phoenix directly appeals to a global consumer base. This is why many smart online business owners in Phoenix are learning the skills of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Simply put SEO is an online marketing strategy that allows you to select keywords or phrases that can be used in all your online content. By consistently infusing these keywords throughout the website search engines typically advance your website in their overall search rankings making it easier for customers to find you. Search Engine Optimization is one of the least expensive marketing options available to ecommerce today.

Even advertising agencies in Phoenix understand the need to use an online platform to improve business. If you have an existing storefront the addition of an online web presence can allow your business to grow much faster. In fact, in many cases the online store can eventually outpace what you sell in a traditional retail outlet.

A jewelry store in New York tried this in 1996. They made the move to place their jewelry store online while retaining their storefront location. In the first year the web store accounted for 20% of total sales. Ten years later their online store accounted for 80% of their total sales with double digit increases in overall sales volume each year.

Any Phoenix advertising agency should be able to help you understand more clearly the benefits of online advertising and SEO. The real benefit for your business is a much larger platform. The benefit for the local economy is revenue being infused into the local tax base from outside sources via online sales.

When you combine the effective use of a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising program like AdSense with the best strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can begin to harness the power of online marketing from Phoenix – to the world.

The role of web marketing is to draw a much larger customer base using a web presence that demonstrates a willingness to provide more then the consumer may have asked for. This can certainly be done with product offerings and service plans, but it can also be done with comprehensive keywords rich content that can help answer some of the more typical questions site visitors have.

Yes, Internet marketing may be a bit different from more standard forms of marketing, but the common denominator is the willingness to find an answer to an existing problem and by helping others understand you have the solution. 

Search advertising, PPC and SEO continue to be strong allies in an economy that has been tepid at best. The greatest role of an online marketing strategy is that Phoenix businessmen and women are discovering the real value in online advertising is actual traffic to their ecommerce website.

Joel Mclaughlin

Software Cart New Discovery to Handle Products!

It is something that everybody ought to know, if they want to succeed on their online internet business. In this modern world, where ecommerce had already become a hot portal for making good money with less effort, many internet marketing services company clash to get the sales of people. This is also happening in choosing an ecommerce shopping cart solution you can visit that’s why you have to be very careful in choosing it.

So, what is it we need to know about web shopping cart that is very crucial for every online business? It is definitely the “how-to” of choosing the best. How can we say that we’ve got the best ecommerce hosting company for our shopping cart? What are the criteria that we need to need to consider? Here are some important questions we need to ask:

How quickly can you use your ecommerce cart?

The accessibility of your shopping cart for the moment you’ve order it is important. Shopping carts must be quickly available and provided by the shopping cart web hosting company you have deal with. More importantly, it must be quickly to be use. Being accessible and being able to use is different. What I mean in being able to use, is that the shopping cart software should be easy to use and understand by the merchant ecommerce in a quick span of time.

Is the auto responder good?!

One important factor in choosing the right web shopping cart is the auto responder. The ability of the shopping cart software to automate the sending of newsletter or emails, and managing your mailing list well is very important in an online business. It is a good internet marketing strategy to send emails regularly on your mailing list and establish a connection between you and them. In this case they your customer will feel they are important and they will love you. There are a lot of benefits when people say good thing about a business.

Can your shopping cart offer affiliate opportunity to others?

Your shopping cart must have a service of having an affiliate. It must have an affiliate module. An affiliate module is a very effective way of internet marketing online advertising your products. It can handle the signup process, provide you with the statistics streamline communication paths and help you to keep track of payments to be made to all your affiliates. Having an affiliate network is very beneficial to you because people will help you broadcast your product in the internet world.

How fixed is the security? Is there a Technical Support?

Practicality no script is completely secure, but a good script can at least deter numbers of hackers who would try to hack into yours. Choose a software cart that is proven to be secured by recent user, and offer a great variety of passwords for your online business. In addition, technical support is also important, not only for the customers but also for your ecommerce merchant account. You’ll never know whether something might go wrong. Check the kind of customer services they provide. You can test this by sending an e-mail to the ecommerce hosting site with a few queries. Scrutinize the quality of their reply by checking if they have responded you satisfactorily.

Can it be customized and can be upgraded?

Your ecommerce software cart must allow you to customize it, change the design of it or anything that will make you feel comfortable with it. Check if the specific shopping cart can be customized to match shopping cart website or not and if the integration of different functions of the shopping cart to your site is possible. Also, your shopping cart must be able to upgrade. In this internet era, there’s a lot of online business opportunity around and it is better if you are always on the “trend” of breakthrough happenings, in order to get ahead of your competition. So, you must ask, Is it possible to add additional features in your web hosting shopping cart that are not in standard package?

Does the payment method provide you with choices?

And last but not the least, you must ask if the payment gateway of your hosting merchant account is working well. Easy shopping carts must provide merchants as well as customers many choices in paying what they purchase or visit they can by credit cards, by pay pal and many more. The availability of the payment access is a big advantage of an online internet business.

The competition is tough indeed. And if you do not have the right internet marketing tool and strategy, you’ll probably will not be able to cope up in the ecommerce world. Having an online shopping cart solution can pave way to your success, that’s why you need to choose the best that suits you. Because on the long run, it is not just your ecommerce shopping cart solution that will matter, it is the way that you will handle it.


Web Pointers for Successful eCommerce

The goal of any online business is to sell something, be it a product, service, or information. To accomplish this, you need customers, or traffic, to your web site. Follow these key Internet business strategies to generate customers and cash.

Image is Everything

Your web site should reflect how you want customers to feel about your business. The site must be professional looking and easy to navigate and understand. The content provided should be relevant to the needs of the customer.

Marketing is King

What promotional tools are you using to advertise your web site? Search engines are the primary method Net surfers use to locate information. One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization. The word “books” is too generic for a site promoting life/career changing seminars based on motivational books. Surfers who type in “books” probably want to buy one rather than attend a seminar. Use specific terms that closely relate to what you are selling.

Links to your web page are another important Internet business strategy. Links increase visitors who often become customers. Relevancy is key; links to your home page should be from sites with topics closely related to your business. Be descriptive with links. “Buy last season’s Coach handbags at cloSEOut prices” entices more clicks than “Brand name liquidators.”

Consider starting your own affiliate program. It’s cost effective because you only pay other sites for the visitors they link to you. You can pay for visitors or pay if the visit results in a sale.

Online businesses do best with online marketing. However, don’t discount “old” media. Get a press release or article about your eBusiness in the local paper. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages or industry trade magazines.

Information Content

Don’t just sell your product or service. Include articles, news, or interesting facts related to your eBusiness. Many customers will appreciate the information. In addition, reporters often look for information online; a blurb about your web site in their story might bring in more customers.

Customer Friendly

If your eBusiness customers are the general public, go easy on the industry jargon. Use “nose jobs” more than “rhinoplasty” if your cosmetic surgery site is aimed at patients rather than fellow medical personnel. This is important also when choosing keywords for search engines.

Go easy on graphics and other bells and whistles. These things tend to slow down page loads. A easy navigation system is one of the most important Internet business strategies. The average customer doesn’t want to sit through mini films or music interludes to get to the information desired. If your web pages take too long to open, customers will surf elsewhere.


“The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success,” (cyberspeaker)

“Twelve Things Every Web Site Must Have For Business Success,” (netatlantic)

Larry Bregman

Pointers for Successful E-Commerce Business Internet Strategies

The goal of any online business is to sell something, whether it is a product, service, or information. To do this, you need targeted customers, or traffic, to your web site. Follow the Internet business strategies below to generate customers and cash.

Your Image is Everything

Your web site should reflect how you want your targeted customers to feel about your business. The site must be professional looking and easy to navigate and understand, down to the last submit button to order your products. The content provided should be very relevant to the needs of your customers.

Smart Marketing is King

What marketing tools are you using to advertise your web site? Search engines are the hottest primary method Net surfers use to locate information.

One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization. The word, books, is too generic for a site promoting life and career changing seminars based on motivational and inspirational books. Surfers who type in books probably want to buy one rather than attend a seminar. Think target market. Use specific terms that closely relate to what you are selling. The longer and more focused the better.

Links to your web page are an important Internet business e-commerce strategy. Links increase visitors who often become customers. Relevancy is an important key; links to your home page should be from sites with topics closely related to your business.

Quality is more important than quantity. Be descriptive and focused with links. Buy handbags from the last season at closeout prices, entices more clicks than, Brand name liquidators.

Consider starting an affiliate program of your own. It is cost effective because you only pay other marketers for the visitors they link to you. You can pay on a visitor basis or, another way is, if the visit results in a sale.

Online businesses tend to do best when online marketing is used. However, do not discount old media. Get a press release or article about your e-Business in the local paper.

There are many quality, low priced, article writers on article directories on the Internet who can write these up for you. Place your ad in the yellow pages and industry trade magazines.

Information Content

Do not just sell your product or service. Include pro written articles per above, news, or interesting facts related to your e-Business. Many customers will appreciate the information. Also, reporters often look for information online. When you have a blurb about your web site in their story you might bring in more customers.

Always Be Customer Friendly

If your e-Business customers are the general public, go easy on the industry jargon. Use nose jobs more than rhinoplasty if your cosmetic surgery site is aimed at patients rather than medical personnel. This is also very important when choosing keywords for search engines because this is how your customers find you. Always study keyword article strategies for best results.

Go easy on graphics and other bells and whistles. Remember that content, not pictures, is king. These things tend to slow down page loads. No one wants to wait for a long time to boot up and most people will leave if it looks like your site is not organized and working well.

An easy to drive through navigation system is one of the most important Internet business strategies. Customers do not want to sit through mini films, lots of videos or music interludes to get to the information desired. It is important to remember that, if your web pages take way too long to open, customers will surf elsewhere.

James Lowe

Ecommerce & SEO

The purpose of any business website is to promote a product or
service online. The purpose of an ecommerce website is to take
it one step further and to allow your visitors to purchase your
products or services directly from your website. This model has
many great advantages over the non-ecommerce website in that it
allows for the generation of revenue with little-or-no time
spent in selling past the cost to have the website designed and
maintained, and it does not require the visitor to call you
during business hours thus helping secure the sale to an impulse
buyer. If your website provides all the information that the
buyer would want, you can save significant money in sales time
spent in that the visitor can find all the information they need
to decide to buy from you without taking up your time or that of
one of your sales staff. But ecommerce sites have a serious
drawback as well; very few of them can be properly indexed by
search engine spiders and thus will fail to rank highly.

A non-ecommerce website may have the disadvantage on not being
able to take the visitor’s money the second they want to spend
it, however if it can be found on the first page of the search
engines while your beautifully designed ecommerce site sits on
page eight, the advantage is theirs. The vast majority of
visitors will never get to see your site, let alone buy from
you, whereas a non-ecommerce site may lose sales because they
don’t sell online but at least they’re able to deliver their
message to an audience to begin with. So what can be done? The
key is in the shopping cart you select.

SEO & Shopping Carts

The biggest problem with many SEO-friendly ecommerce solutions
is that they are created after the initial product. Shopping
cart systems such as Miva Merchant and OS Commerce are not
designed with the primary goal of creating pages that will be
well-received by the search engine spiders. Most shopping cart
systems out there today are not in-and-of-themselves even
spiderable and require 3rd party add-ons to facilitate even the
lowest form of SEO-friendliness. The money you may have saved in
choosing an inexpensive shopping cart may very well end up
costing you your business in the long run, especially if you are
using your shopping cart as the entire site, which we have seen
may times in the past.

What Can Be Done?

There are essentially two solutions to this problem. The first
is to create a front-end site separate from the shopping cart.
What this will effectively do is create a number of pages that
can be easily spidered (assuming that they’re well designed).
The drawback to this course of action is that your website will
forever be limited to the size of the front-end site. Which
brings us to the second option: choose a search engine friendly
shopping cart system.

Finding an SEO-friendly shopping cart system is far easier said
than done. There are many factors that have to be taken into
account including the spiderability of the pages themselves, the
customization capacity of the individual pages, the ease of
adding products and changing the pages down the road, etc. While
I’ve worked with many shopping cart and ecommerce systems, to
date there has been only one that has truly impressed me in that
it is extremely simple to use, it allows for full customization
of individual pages and the product pages get fully spidered to
the point where they have PageRank assigned. A rarity in the
shopping cart world.

Easy As Apple Pie

Mr. Lee Roberts, President of Rose Rock Design and creator of
the Apple Pie Shopping
, was kind enough to take the time to speak with me
regarding how he developed his system. Trying to get an
understanding of how this system was born I inquired as to what
differentiated their system from others. Without “giving away
the farm”, Lee pointed out that his system was unique in that
the search engines were a consideration from the birth of this
project. Rather than trying to jerry-rig a system that was
already in place, he initiated the development of a system whose
first task was to allow for easily spidered and customized
pages. A significant advantage to be sure.

In further discussions he pointed out a few key factors that
should be considered by all when choosing a shopping cart
system. While more advance shopping cart systems that provide
for SEO-friendly pages may seem more expensive, they save you
the cost of developing a front-end site, maintaining the pricing
on a static page if one goes that route, and of course – if
all your site’s pages are easily spidered and
you can then have hundreds of additional relevant pages added to
your site’s overall strength and relevancy you have a serious
advantage in the SEO “game”. If a shopping cart system costs you
an extra $100 per month to maintain but it’s use provides you
with an additional $5000 in sales that month did it really
“cost” you $100?

What Lee has effectively done is to provide a shopping cart
system that enables search engines to fully read and index every
page. Additionally (and perhaps because of his history as an
accessibility expert) the system is extremely easy to work with
as a user and as an SEO. And of course that’s our primary
concern at Beanstalk.


It is not to say that the Apple Pie Shopping Cart is
end-all-be-all of SEO for an ecommerce site, if it was Lee
wouldn’t be in the process of building a new version that will
include many new features for Internet marketing and tracking,
and we would be out of work. That said, if you’ve got an
e-commerce site or are looking to have one built, one must
consider what type of marketing strategy will be taken with the
site and if SEO is one of those, insure to find a system that
provides the same advantages as this one.

It may cost a bit
more up front but doing it right the first time is far less
costly than building a site that can’t be marketed properly and
to it’s maximum potential.

Dave Davies

Top Product Ecommerce Tools, Online Income!

When you make your living on the Internet, you sometimes forget that the resources you use every day (and take for granted) might rate an incredible discovery to anyone who doesn’t already know they exist. 

Whether they help you make money, save time, save money, or avoid frustration, these ecommerce tools and services rate my highest recommendation for anyone who conducts any form of ecommerce online. – 

If you sell a downloadable product such as an e-book, report, or software, you can’t beat Click Bank for processing credit card payments you can visit Not only do they take the payments and send you a check twice a month, they also plug your product into an existing network with tens-of-thousands of affiliates who can sell it for you. Also, unlike a traditional merchant credit card processing account, Click Bank assumes all the fraud risk and prevents many of the “horror” stories you hear in connection with online credit card processing. – 

Since Click Bank only allows the sale of downloadable products; comes to the rescue for anyone selling a physical product or service. Offering a suite of integrated product catalogs, follow up auto responders, advertising tracking, a secure server, and even limited-time coupon offers, this tool rates a “must have” for setting up and integrating a professional ecommerce solution on virtually any size website. – 

If you need an unlimited number of follow up auto responders and the ability to send an email “broadcast” to all your contacts at one time, Weber offers an excellent managed solution. Specializing in helping small to medium-sized Web businesses implement an effective email follow-up strategy without complicated software, Weber gets our highest marks for service and dependability. – 

Cheap, reliable, easy-to-use domain name registrar that only charges $8.95 per year for each domain name you register. Go daddy rates cheaper and just as, if not more, reliable than any other domain registrar. They also offer a “private registration” option that allows you to keep your identity as the domain owner a secret from unscrupulous people who exploit domain name records to compile mailing lists, spam databases or worse. – 

Any successful ecommerce endeavor begins with a solid website hosting service. Nothing shuts you down faster than an unreliable web host because, the second they go offline, your business goes offline or visit I host one of my servers at because of great customer service and guaranteed up-time. – 

Ever pulled your hair out searching for that perfect image, photo, or piece of clipart for your website? Once you exhaust the Microsoft collection on your computer, the next stop (if you want to find something fast) is With thousands of images searchable by keyword, you can always find the perfect image in less time and without the worries of copyright infringement if you just pull something off the Web. – 

Website got traffic but no making much money? Open a free account with Google Adsense and earn a commission any time someone clicks on any of the targeted ads. An excellent way to earn extra cash on virtually any website.

Dalip singh