Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting providers offer many different types of hosting like free web hosting, Shared, Reseller, Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated, Managed, Colocation, Clustered, Grid. By glancing through the list, you should get a better understanding on all the different hosting packages available online and which one is the right service for you.

Free web hosting service : is free, (sometimes) advertisement-supported web hosting, and is often limited when compared to paid hosting.

Shared Hosting : (My personal favorite) is a type of hosting where many web sites are hosted on same physical server. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get a web site up and running. Shared web hosting is perfect for web blogs, personal web pages, small forums, small business and e-commerce sites. Shared web hosting is ideal for establishing simple websites.

Reseller hosting : is a certain kind of web hosting where you buy server space, market it yourself, and sell it on to your own customers. Most of the resellers are web designers, consultants or marketers, who want to offer their customers a complete package with hosting included.

Virtual Dedicated Server : offer many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers, including admin (root) access and dedicated IP addresses, but at a much lower price. However, as a virtual dedicated server is, indeed, virtually dedicated, the customer in fact shares the server space with a small number of other customers. Virtual dedicated servers meet the needs of web sites that have outgrown garden-variety shared hosting, but which don’t yet justify the expense of their own dedicated server. Virtual dedicated servers come with an easy-to-use control panel that offers a highly powerful tool box that allows you easy access to powerful features.

Dedicated server : means you are renting an entire physical server for use all by yourself. Getting a dedicated server means you don’t have to share system resources with other websites. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data centers, similar to colocation facilities , providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. In contrast to collocation, the server hardware is owned by the provider and in some cases they will provide support for your operating system or applications.

Managed hosting : is usually more expensive since the web host will be responsible for managing and maintaining the dedicated server. Managed hosting service can be considered as an upgraded version of web hosting. The managed hosting provider takes the responsibility of hosting the clients website in a well managed way.Managed hosting firms can also help businesses change their network and systems, upgrading, adding options and extending solutions.

Colocation hosting : is like having a server on your own. With colocation you can save time and money because of using shared data infrastructure. Colocation hosting is the next best thing if you are willing to provide the server and manage it by yourself. If you don’t have much experience or can’t spend a lot of time managing the server or want to buy a server computer, dedicated hosting or a VPS is the best option.

Clustered Hosting : is a group of servers clustered in the same network to perform hosting services. The purpose of Clustered Hosting technology is to eradicate the troubles inherent in typical shared hosting infrastructures.

Grid hosting : is a new approach to a shared hosting environment. Instead of a few websites sharing one server, in the more classic shared environment, grid hosting is a bunch of websites all sharing a bunch of servers.

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The Income Model for Membership Sites

Entrepreneurs employ a variety of business models. A business model is an overall structure around which someone builds their business. It involves everything from planning how income will be earned, to the sales process, to how products and services will ultimately be delivered out to customers or clients.

Some models are more conducive to particular types of businesses or industries; some are selected out of personal preference. For More Detail Go To: www.starting-membership-site.com.Still others are deliberately chosen because they can make the entrepreneur more money faster, easier, and with less effort.

Income Models: How You Earn Your Money

There are many benefits attributed to a subscription-based model which outweigh other income models. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of models:

1. Trade your time for money. This is the most common and traditional of business models. This model is used the world over and is the basis for the employer-employee model. This is the same model used by many entrepreneurs, too. They think they are working for themselves, but they are actually working in a pseudo employer-employee model.

For example, most coaches and consultants and other independent business professionals trade their time for money. Their client is the “employer” and they are the “employee”. Nothing is all that different from working for a company. This model has many drawbacks, the main one being that you can only work so many hours in a day so you automatically top out on the amount of income you can earn.

2. Passive income model. The passive income model is one where you sell information or other products which do not require your actual intervention in any way. You can set everything up with an ecommerce system and you can literally make sales while you sleep. You no longer need to trade your time for money; you have an automated system. But passive revenue has its drawbacks too.

Income from this model is fairly unpredictable. For More Detail go to: www.awesome-membership-riches.com.Sure, you might make some money here and there, but in order to create more income, you’ll need to continuously employ various marketing strategies to promote interest. You can make money around the clock and now you can continue to trade hours for dollars and reap the benefits of having additional income through passive revenue channels.

3. The third income model relates to continuity income or continuous income. This is the model around which membership sites are built. Members pay a monthly subscription fee for access to your content and other members in the group. This income model has many benefits. First, you’re receiving regular income. As long as you have members, you’ll have income.

Also, this model is easily scalable. You can easily add members with very little expenditure of time, money, or energy on your part. You’re adding content regardless of the number of members. So the key is to increase membership. When you focus your marketing efforts on adding new members, every member you add is a future revenue stream. Contrast this with the passive income model, which in our case (not all cases) is assuming a one-time purchase and thus no income continuity.



Internet Business – a Safe Option

The first appearance of the Internet filled a lot of people with ill-conceived trepidation about this unexplored and new environment. Many saw the net as a precarious and unmanageable place. True there will probably continue to be some areas of cyberspace that it is wise to stay away from, but this sort of circumspection also applies to the real world, and the Internet is overall is as protected an environs to do business in and to buy and sell goods as any other. If it wasn’t, then highly popular sites like Amazon and Ebay would not have reached the successful positions that they have.

            Regrettably, law-breaking on the streets continues to rise in many districts. The World Wide Web, as it gives people the option to shop online, is progressively viewed as a more dependable replacement for the high street. For elderly citizens, or those with frailties, it is a more protected and more functional way to see to business affairs or go shopping. Importantly, kids can commune with their acquaintances online on dark nights without hazarding being out when it’s late.

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            In spite of arguments in support of E-commerce a smattering of people will nonetheless view it as a place that is as forbidding as any woodland in an old legend. Realistically it serves as an amenable setting for billions of people daily to socialise in and buy and sell and operate their businesses from.

We need to protect ourselves in any environment and ensuring that online shopping online is transacted via secure servers is advised. Being mindful to patronise only reliable companies to pay for merchandise and services is always wise. But don’t be anxious about the necessity for taking such precautions, this sort of vigilance is no stranger than keeping your bank card’s pin code a secret. It’s just common sense. And keeping safe the passwords we use online is important too – again, this is a sensible safeguard against crime, like keeping our house keys protected.

These days the World Wide Web is appealing to a vast number of people and a large number of companies are choosing to adapt their pre-existing businesses to better function online. Similarly new web businesses are being launched on a daily basis. The verdict is that the Internet is an accepted and effectual virtual workplace, and one which is economical. In today’s fluctuating financial climate that’s a real bonus.

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Consequently, if we presume that people are comfortable buying and selling on the Internet (Ebay’s success illustrates this), what’s the best way for success to be augmented and vouched for?

            We all understand that a professionally constructed website really does wonders for a company’s image. The home page signifies the shop front or shop window. Each web page stands for the store’s interior, the place where services wares will be exhibited for sale. The store’s image should be planned to connect with the demographic of the designated customer group. What is the most effective way to attract custom to your internet site? Enlisting professional help brings many bonuses. A lot of people are adept enough to put together an elementary web page, but a wholly functional professional site, customized for a given business, calls for an upper-level of skill. It’s crucial too that a constant flow of visitors find their way to the web site. Even the most marvellous of web sites won’t be recognised unless search results list them as top rank.

One Internet company that aids businesses and works toward them accomplishing success on the net is WSI. WSI has been answering calls to solve corporate business problems online for over ten years and, as the techniques they use have been established to bring obvious results for their customers, they’ve been presented with the honour ‘No. 1 Internet and Technology Solutions Company in the World’. There are two ways that WSI demonstrates how victorious Internet commerce is: By helping business clients arrive at success and, their franchisees (Internet consultants) glean direct payoffs too from having gratifying and fruitful careers. WSI is really one of the companies that encompass the potency of e-marketing and the profits are justly shared: with clients flourishing and franchise holders with the company establishing estimable careers.

With reference to financial surety, the investment required for a WSI franchise is very low-priced, especially when counted against the far steeper costs of other sorts of franchise. WSI also fights against Internet rip-offs and have set up a scam coalition in order to allow people who have had disastrous experiences with Internet companies or bogus businesses to report particulars. By making certain that other people are mindful of the drawbacks of corrupt commercial enterprises, WSI sits at the epicentre of the efforts to defend Internet safety for all those who would like to go shopping, superintend their business or simply spend leisure time online.



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USVI Economic Qualifiers for the EDC 90% Tax Reduction Program

If you have a hankering for your own business and a yen for fun in the sun, your best bet is the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here you can build your own business, or grow your existing one, and keep most of what had been your tax payments for yourself and your firm.

The USVI and its Economic Development Council has a plan to let you reap a tremendous financial boon and corporate benefits that will wow you. Here are the industries and types of firms that can apply for this 90 percent federal income tax break for business. They are divided up into four different categories.

The first qualifier category includes firms who produce milk and other dairy products, that manufacture rum and that assemble and manufacture time pieces and other jewelry.

Category two is made up of companies engaged in product assembly, and any manufacturing other than jewelry and watch assembly, agriculture or food processing, Mari culture, any marine related firm, the processing of raw materials, guest houses or hotel facilities, and companies offering telecommunications or transportation services.

The next category of qualifying organizations include those engaged in services such as financial or investment advisors and managers, management and business consultants, software designers and developers, firms and sites engaged in e-commerce, call / contact centers, high technology companies, businesses engaged in international public relations or trading and distributing internationally, and any other type of business that serves clients that are located beyond the borders of any of the Virgin Islands.

The fourth category of qualifying businesses include utility providers, healthcare facilities, recreation and athletic facilities, insurance carriers, physicians and their corporate entities and any other firms that the Economic Development Commission decides are appropriate. All that’s required to add a firm to the qualifier list is the EDC’s decision that doing so will advance the well being and economic growth of the United States Virgin Islands and its residents.

To earn the benefits of EDC a company must qualify. The requirements include a minimum investment of $100,000 – this does not include inventory, and residence either as an individual or a business entity in the USVI. Business entity includes partnership, corporation, trust, limited liability partnership and limited liability corporation.

The applicant must actually be an investor in the firm that is applying, and that firm must employer at least 10 full time employees, 8 of which must be residents of the Virgin Islands. The company must also qualify ecologically; i.e., it must be a firm that is friendly to the environment in mission and in practice. The firm, if contracting for services or products, must use firms licensed with and registered in the Virgin Islands. The company must also provide assistance either financial or through on site training to educate local VI residents. It must also maintain its payroll account in a bank that resides in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting – it is the special type of hosting service package, which can separate the carrying capacity of channel and disk space of hosting account, and gives possibility to resell it to other persons as separate accounts. It means actually, that a provider can purchase the large volume of space on a server, and then to separate it to resell it to other users. Remarkable that during the work with this package there is no need to be keen in technical sphere, therefore practically each, who feels in the Internet, close as an oyster in water, has possibility to begin the own business.

Conception of the reseller hosting is aggressive industry. Principal reason consists in the comparatively small amount of capital investments of businessman for the beginning of work in this area. As a rule, this service package is used by small companies or private individuals which want to create small hosting company. In addition, it is chosen by developers, designers and Internet consultants. From point of cost, it is acceptable, especially for web masters, which want to manage and place a few sites on a separate control panel. Hosting resseling has all chances to become very profitable with planning of the expenses and incomes. Resellers can provide individual hosting packages on an order, which can not be offered by other hosting service providers. Moreover, resellers can better control quality of services, because they can choose a server.

In most cases, hosting providers offer complete freedom of actions to the resselers to create their own packages and suggestions. Par ailleurs, majority of the hosting providers can offer to resellers standard packages for a direct sale to users. Some hosting providers offer to resellers already finished sites which they can use as a platform for products advertising. Resellers have possibility to use such interface as Web Hosting Manager for the hosting accounts management. With it’s help they can get access to such functions, as a payment system, forms, applications et cetera. With their help resellers can manage such tasks, as addition of domains and DNS-records setting.

Reseller hosting is ideal for small business or individuals which want to get an income in the field of web hosting. Fortunately, the amount of efforts which reseller expends, to set up the business, grew short with prepared hosting packages and website templates, offered by providers. It allows to resellers to endeavor in a job without any difficulty. If to take into account, that the web hosting market is enormous enough, then failing will not be in demand, and in this sphere doors are always opened for you.

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Web Design Firms in Portland Oregon

If you own a business in Portland, contact web design firms in Portland Oregon for your web design needs. If you wish to grab your visitor’s attention quickly, increase business opportunities, and see your sales explode, contacting a professional website design company can certainly be a great step towards achieving your personal or professional business goals.

Innovative Web Design and Development Solutions

Website design is a creative process that can either make or break a business. With a well designed and functional website, customers can quickly and easily gather the information that they need. Web design firms in Portland, Oregon can help a business in every stage of web design, from initial concept through to the completed site. Most of the web development companies use the latest technology and techniques for designing the sites. To offer unique services to the clients, these firms have qualified and skilled professional teams including creative designers, web programmers, consultants, and other marketing professionals.

Web design firms in Portland, Oregon can provide you with the following services:

• Ecommerce website creation
• Multimedia presentation
• Banner creation
• Logo design
• Flash development
• 2D and 3D animated graphics creation
• Website maintenance and updates
• Redesigns
• Web programming

SEO for Increased Visibility

Efficient web designing does not end with attractive web page layout, structure, and text formatting. Web design will be effective only if the site is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) is needed for sites to achieve top ranking in search engine results. At Portland, web design companies employ experienced SEO professionals to provide website optimization support to the clients. Optimized websites can attract targeted visitors to the sites, which is much required for business sites.

As there are several companies involved in providing unique and functional web design services, it is a good idea to conduct some research to identify the right web development company.

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Sensor Boards Unable to Stop Addshells to Making People Expose

If you run an online business and coerce no traffic to search engines, your attempt will go futile. There is no use scuttling the business if there is no profit! What is necessary is a top unique placement for your site in the fast moving search engines and drive traffic. Here, AddShells helps you rank best, welcome traffic and increase profit.

At AddShells “We build your office”. Your web site is your 24h office open to the world. Since the web has almost unlimited functionality we have to carefully consider what functions of your business to bring online.

Your web site may be only a company and products presentation showing the product and giving full detailed info about it. It may include some interactive guides to help the user identify the right product for him. Or even have e-commerce functionality letting the users order your product/service directly. Also the web site can include teaser scenarios to attract visitors to it.

About AddShells

AddShells is the team of young professionals headed by two young entrepreneurs. You can expect us to start by getting a deap understanding of your business or product, acting as consultants for selecting the best ideas which suits your business.

Our technical team is capable of building very complex and sophisticated tools that can do anything the Web will allow, all the while maintaining simple functionality and ease of use. There’s no Web software application too big or small for AddShells.

The Impacts of Bad Web Design

As per International Research estimates several costs of bad website design. The two most striking are:

  • Loss of approximately 50% of the potential sales from the site as people can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Loss of repeat visits from 40% of the users who will not return to the site when their first visit resulted in a negative experience.

AddShells can either design your site using world benchmark standards in website usability, or provide consultancy services for you outlining the problematic areas in your website. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Real Estate Indya – the Ultimate Resource for Indian Real Estate(property) Search

Whenever one tries to buy a new property or shift from his current property to a newer one he or she often has to face various hassles. Various problems arise in the process of property search in India, which satisfies his or her criteria. If one manages to find a house which satisfies his requirements and which is equipped with all the necessary facilities of water and electricity he may still not be able to make the deal due to failed negotiation between him and the seller. For instance, the buyer may be agreeable to the cost of the property but he is not in a position to make a one time full payment and at the same time the seller is not happy with the idea of payment through installments that may take a period of up to a year or so. In this scenario Real Estate Agents in India comes in the picture. A good real estate agent can be handy in such situations.

India has seen huge growth in the real estate industry in the past years. It is still growing with tremendous pace. Real Estate Indya will enable or provides a platform to search all leading real estate agents and brokers, real estate services, real estate sites dealing in commercial and residential properties, realtors, mortgage, foreign direct investment, real estate book, polls, articles, career in real estate and many more. You can also search for India Real Estate agents, property dealers, builders, developers across India and other resources such as Vastu Shastra/ Feng Shui consultants, Home Loans for residential Real Estate sector in India. It also maintain’s a comprehensive list of residential and commercial properties across India and our alliance with major real international real estate portals provides our clients with options to invest in International property. Find out the true Real Estate Property Search Engine.

Over the years advancement of Technology has made things easier for us both in terms of cost and comfort. E-commerce is a technology via which one can conduct online exchange of goods and services for money. This also involves online transfer of money from one person’s bank account to another person’s. Websites like E-bay, Real Estate Indya and E-wallet acts as a mediator between the two dealing parties and also the medium for exchange of goods or services for money. Another important area that facilitates real estate business India and other parts of the world is websites like 99acres and India bricks, which allows the property seekers to conduct property search India via these websites.

As a result of wide access, these websites are equipped with large databases that constitute diverse type of properties and office space India. Many foreign investors are also willing to invest in India by setting up an office in India. The growing trend of Indian economy has attracted many MNCs towards Indian properties over the last several years. Sky is the limit for economic position of India provided the benefits of technologies are efficiently utilized for growth of various sectors like property and alike. It is up to our government as to how it formulates and alters various policies pertaining to technologies like telecom etc for the good of their own country.

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SEO and Marketing

There is a considerable sized body of practitioners of SEO who see search engines as just another

visitor to a site, and try to make the site as accessible to those visitors as to any other who

would come to the pages. They often see the white hat/black hat dichotomy mentioned above as a

false dilemma. The focus of their work is not primarily to rank the highest for certain terms in

search engines, but rather to help site owners fulfill the business objectives of their sites.

Indeed, ranking well for a few terms among the many possibilities does not guarantee more sales.

A successful Internet marketing campaign may drive organic search results to pages, but it also

may involve the use of paid advertising on search engines and other pages, building high quality

web pages to engage and persuade, addressing

technical issues that may keep search engines from crawling and indexing those sites, setting

up analytics programs to enable site owners to measure their successes, and making sites

accessible and usable.

SEOs may work in-house for an organization, or as consultants, and search engine optimization may

be only part of their daily functions. Often their education of how search engines function comes

from interacting and discussing the topics on forums, through blogs, at popular conferences and

seminars, and by experimentation on their own sites. There are few college courses that cover

online marketing from an ecommerce perspective that can keep up with the changes that the web

sees on a daily basis.

SEO, as a marketing strategy, can often generate a good return. However, as the search engines

are not paid for the traffic they send from organic search, the algorithms used can and do

change, there are no guarantees of success, either in the short or long term. Due to this lack of

guarantees and certainty, SEO is often compared to traditional Public Relations (PR), with

PPC advertising closer to traditional advertising. Increased visitors is analogous to increased

foot traffic in retail advertising. Increased traffic may be detrimental to success if the site

is not prepared to handle the traffic or visitors are generally dissatisfied with what they find.

In either case increased traffic does not guarantee increased sales or success.

While endeavoring to meet the guidelines posted by search engines can help build a solid

foundation for success on the web, such efforts are only a start. SEO is potentially more

effective when combined with a larger marketing campaign strategy. Despite SEO potential to

respond to the latest changes in market trends, SEO alone is reactively following market

trends instead of pro-actively leading market trends. Many see search engine marketing as a

larger umbrella under which search engine optimization fits, but it’s possible that many who

focused primarily on SEO in the past are incorporating more and more marketing ideas into their

efforts, including public relations strategy and implementation, online display media buying, web

site transition SEO, web trends data analysis, HTML E-mail campaigns, and business blog

consulting making SEO firms more like an ad agency.

In addition, whilst SEO can be considered a marketing tactic unto itself, it’s often considered

(in the view of industry experts) to be a single part of a greater whole.[citation needed]

Marketing through other methods, such as viral, pay-per-click, new media marketing and other

related means is by no means irrelevant, and indeed, can be crucial to maintaining a strong

search engine rank.[citation needed] The part of SEO that simply insures content relevancy and

attracts inbound link activity may be enhanced through broad target marketing methods such as

print, broadcast and out-of-home advertising as well

Internet marketing is a component of electronic

commerce. Internet marketing can include information management, public relations, customer

service, and sales. Electronic commerce and Internet marketing have become popular as Internet

access is becoming more widely available and used. Well over one third of consumers who have

Internet access in their homes report using the Internet to make purchases.

Internet marketing is associated with several business models. The main models include

business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). B2B consists of companies doing

business with each other, whereas B2C involves selling directly to the end consumer (see Malala,

2003)[1] When Internet marketing first began, the B2C model was first to emerge. B2B transactions

were more complex and came about later. A third, less common business model is peer-to-peer

(P2P), where individuals exchange goods between themselves. An example of P2P is Kazaa, which is

built upon individuals sharing files.

Internet marketing can also be seen in various formats. One version is name-your-price (e.g.

Priceline.com). With this format, customers are able to state what price range they wish to spend

and then select from items at that price range. With find-the-best-price websites (e.g.

Hotwire.com), Internet users can search for the lowest prices on items. A final format is online

auctions (e.g. Ebay.com) where buyers bid on listed items.

Some of the benefits associated with Internet

marketing include the availability of information. Consumers can log onto the Internet and

learn about products, as well as purchase them, at any hour. Companies that use Internet

marketing can also save money because of a reduced need for a sales force. Overall, Internet

marketing can help expand from a local market to both national and international marketplaces.

And, in a way, it levels the playing field for big and small players. Unlike traditional

marketing media (like print, radio and TV), entry into the realm of Internet marketing can be a

lot less expensive.

Furthermore, since exposure, response and overall efficacy of digital media is much easier to

track than that of traditional “offline” media, Internet marketing offers a greater sense of

accountability for advertisers.

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Debenhams Faces Cash Woes

Today’s credit crunch spotlight is shining on high street department store group Debenhams.

The firm is seeking to raise more money from investors to aid cash flow, reported the Financial Times.  Trading problems are on the agenda for the next Debenhams board meeting on January 6.

Also struggling to cope with the bills is the Globe Pub Company, which is appointing ‘restructuring consultants’ after admitting difficulties in meeting payments and is close to breaching loan agreements.

In a quarterly update to bondholders, Globe, which owns 424 pubs, said operating profits for the 12 weeks to 29 November had plunged to £5.3m, down 20% on the same period last year. Meanwhile the cost of servicing debt had risen 2% to £4.4m.

Thousands of families are waiting to hear from photographers Olan Mills whether they have lost portraits and gift boxes they have already paid for. The chain, with 34 outlets mainly in Mothercare stores has collapsed and ceased trading.

An administrator will be appointed and the company says it was “endeavouring” to fulfil all outstanding orders and post photographs direct to customers’ homes during January.

People who have bought a gift box or voucher from Olan Mills become unsecured creditors who need to register claims with the administrators – giving a slimmer chance of a refund. Customers who paid by credit card should contact their credit card company.

Parity between the Pound and Euro is becoming more of a reality as sterling values ebb on the back of low interest rates and fears for the state of the British economy.

The Bank of England is expected to reduce interest rates to 1% or less next week, which will put more pressure on the currency markets.

The Pound closed at 1.0389 Euros, down ever so slightly from 1.0390. The Pound remained at US $1.457.

The FTSE was up 102.8 points from 4216.6 to 4319.4 and the DOW closed down 319.4 points at 8483.93from 8515.87.

This article was written by eCommerce Associates for Bank — Accounts and our Finance Blog

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