Need a SEO Consultant?

If you are looking forward to improve the conversion rate of your site and to increase the quality web traffic towards your web site, then what you need is to get your web site optimized by a SEO consultant.

A SEO consultant can be great help to your online business that helps you in optimize your E-commerce aptly in order to get it ranked higher in the search engine results. These consultants know very well how the right keywords should be incorporated in the content of your website along with improving the entire content itself. They come with great ideas so that the ranking of the web site can be improved in search engines and can look more professional.

They offer their services at very affordable prices and save a lot of your time that may otherwise be spent in figuring out ways to improve the quality of your web site. After getting your web site optimized by a SEO consultant you can enjoy revenue generation with immense web traffic.

Pointers in Hiring An SEO Company

Finding the best SEO Company is of utmost importance if you wish to make your business get into top rankings of search engines. SEO company India is known worldwide for providing result driven SEO services to businesses dealing online. However, as there are so many service providers offering SEO services in India, it becomes difficult to select the most expert services. The best solution available in this concern is to search online for the best and professional SEO comapny. Here are key tips discussed that would help you in hiring the perfect SEO company online for your website promotion:

Beware of the SEO company boasting to make your website number 1 in position in search engines as they search engines algorithms change frequently.

Do not fall into the trap of SEO company making promises to bring your websites in top rankings in few months as effective and long run SEO results come only with many months of work.

Make sure the SEO company are not using black hat SEO. Though black hat techniques give instant boost to your search engine rakings but that could lead to spamming and blocking of your website in search engines in longer run.

Browsing the section of testimonial would help you out in judging the expertise of the SEO company India.

Anirban Bhattacharya

Checklist for Online Businesses

The Internet offers a canvas that is as wide as one wants and as versatile as one would wish. Its possibilities are now being explored to the hilt with people from any number of diverse places, cultures, professions, tastes and skills trying their hand at creating for themselves an exclusive space. They build it, design it, stretch it and use it in any way possible to suit their outlooks, their creativity, their vocations, businesses and what not. So, in short, the internet provides us with a whole new surreal galaxy where any entity, individual or corporate structure is free to carve out a niche for itself; the only limitation being affordability. You may create your website, a virtual home to suit your dreams, imagination, requirement or purpose and use it as the ultimate instrument for effective communication of your opinions, skills, products, interests, ideologies, beliefs, theories and almost anything you wish.

The lure of e-commerce is indeed hard to resist. Developing a business over the Internet calls for the same, if not, a greater amount of efforts as starting any other normal direct business. You may need funding to get your business going. You will require an endless list of things starting from customers, marketing materials, a strong customer service and, an equally efficient system to manage purchases by customers, finances, staff and other resources.

Here’s a checklist of things you need to have with you before jumping onto the online business bandwagon and planning to stay on till the end.

· Do plenty of exploring- a thorough knowledge of the happenings on the net is an essential prerequisite for starting e-business. To keep ahead of the pack, always keep yourself updated about the net. Explore the net and gain a proper knowledge of what exactly you are getting into. No one knows your business better than you do. This itself is reason enough to make you find a thousand ways to promote your business that probably no consultant or provider would ever think of.

· Be a resource-what really counts in e-business is to be a real storehouse of information. Therefore, you need to be a valuable resource of information and provide valuable information about your industry and area of expertise and specialization. Being an excellent resource always pays and helps in drawing potential customers near you.

· Avoid sending out unsolicited e-mail marketing messages- if you are a constant e-mail user, you would probably know how annoying those unsolicited e-mail advertisements that cram your mail box are. In fact they are not going to do any good except for irritating the customer. Moreover, an electronic mail message can sometimes cost the recipient money. Why go for such measures when you can think of innovative methods to market your business.

· Make use of online discussion groups for “soft-selling- e-mail discussion groups can really help out to market your business, but for this you need to be a real active participant. Lurk and listen, voice your opinions and give and take suggestions without barging into hype and brag about your product. Try this and you are sure to be surprised to see how leads start pouring in from potential clients and customers.

· Check your e-mail regularly- e-business largely depends on quick and prompt business. A quick response speaks volumes about your care and commitment. It also reflects your serious approach towards your business.

· Accept and implement changes- do not design your site as you like it without considering the usefulness and functionality. Make sure that you site communicates well to the users and gives them the required value. Change adds essence to your e-business. Treat your customers with something different so that they feel like returning to your site. Repeat visitors stand a great chance of becoming regular clients. Make good use of the technology and always keep updating you material adding new features, resources and information.

· Concentrate on spelling, grammar and sentence construction-there is nothing like a poorly written web copy to turn off your customers. A clearly written error-free writing reflects a professional image and enhances your selling prospects. Always make it a point to double check for typos or vague messages.

· Include a clear call to action in your message- Always be clear while communicating. A vague ambiguous message can confuse the reader and put you in trouble. Convey whatever you want to say in clear direct terms. Let them know what you want them to do, and ask them to do it directly. A response mechanism can be set up so that it is easy for them to respond. It can be anything such as a direct e-mail link, a form to fill out, or a button to click. The more direct and immediate, the better. Remember to add a phone number or a fax number. A postal mail address is a second choice but better than nothing

Promote your Internet presence through offline channels- just ensuring your online presence is not enough. You also need to let your customers and the public know about it. Promote yourself in all possible ways; put your e-mail address and URL on your business cards, stationery, ads, brochures, packaging, and signage. Do anything you can think of to get the word out. Send out press releases. Marketing over the Internet and the World-Wide Web can bring results in the form of leads, direct sales, publicity, and image-boosting. Get to know the medium. Work up a sound strategy. Hunt for appropriate online marketing methods that will get your selling message across while respecting other Internet users.


Play Your Trumps

Always play your trumps. That’s what my dear old Aunty used to
say. “How the hell do you expect to win if you lead off suit?”
Words usually followed by a sharp kick under the table to remind
you not to do it again.

Sure she was talking about Eucre but she could well have been
commenting on web sites. The logic is the same. If you don’t
play to your strengths you won’t take many tricks. Why is it
then that this principle is overlooked so often on the web?

It is amazing, (or frightening if you are the one writing the
cheques), how many web sites conceal their most useful content.
Spending more time on animated flash intros and e-prefixing
mission statements than thinking about how and why people are
going to be using their site. Unfortunately not all companies
have a vigilant Aunty to keep recalcitrant webmasters in line.

The web at the moment is a bit like when you first buy an
answering machine. No one leaves a message until you realise
that the Richie Benaud impression your mates thought was so
funny down at the pub, is actually irritating people who just
want you to ring them back. Think functionality. Why did you get
a web site in the first place? Remember it is a tool not a

Don’t hide your content. Placing a web site’s marquee content
several clicks deep is the equivalent of placing a direct
marketing flyer inside three envelopes and then hiding it in the
bush next to the mailbox. Just plain dumb.

Visibility is the key. The reality is that on average half the
visitors to your web site will not progress past the home page.
The back button is the most commonly used navigation aid for web
surfers. This means that unless your key content is up front and
exposed the chances are that it will be missed or passed over
for an alternative. This is not rocket science. This is basic

There is a commonly quoted rule of thumb within web development
that any item should be no more than three clicks away from any
other item on a web site. This should be considered a maximum
not the norm. Especially regarding navigation from the first
point of entry. Content should be up front and obvious. Even if
it’s only a tease of what’s available inside. Porn sites have
been doing that for years, and let’s face it they’re the only
ones making money from pure content on the web anymore.

If you’ve got a good deal going, put it on the home page not
tucked away in your product catalogue. If you have a member’s
area let everyone else know what they’re missing out on.

Don’t be afraid of the telephone. Web users are becoming
increasingly savvy and selective about the way they use the
Internet. The web is a tool to obtain information, not a means
of being funneled through predetermined pathways.

Fast track them to your sales team not insult their intelligence
by using some feedback form addressed to
Some businesses spend more on a bold Yellow Pages ad than they
do on their whole Internet strategy, yet still leave phone
numbers off their web sites.

The Internet is a flawed medium. But then so are telephones,
television and the press. The key is in recognising what it does
well and what it does not. It is unlikely to deliver untold
riches but it may shave a few dollars off your information
delivery costs, or help compliment your latest marketing
campaign, or become a mouthpiece for corporate announcements.
But don’t forget the best thing that your site can do is to is
direct potential customers to your sales team.

Although e-commerce is now about as popular as e-coli and your
sports car driving web consultant is now serving lattes on
Chapel Street, it should be remembered that a web site is only
as good as the use that is made of it. If it remains idle and
static it might as well be a museum piece. It is a tool not a
gravy train. Your customers may not like to purchase online, but
if used correctly the web site can still be an invaluable sales

Tim Giles

Small Home Business Opportunity Ideas

You have a computer. You have been surfing the net a lot and are now thinking about a small ecommerce business.

You have dedicated drive to see your small home internet business opportunity succeed. You are hungry.

All you need now is an idea.

You might have spoken to friends and family, some of whom are in business for themselves. They might have given you some ideas about what works for them.
Unfortunately you do not really seem to be able to get excited about the work they have found to do.
Do not despair. In order to find a suitable small home based business opportunity, you need to first figure out what it is that you really enjoy doing.

Now, try to match it up with opportunities that are out there.

For example, if you enjoy helping other people, have an affinity for seeing happy children, and want to help your local neighborhood schools succeed, then your business opportunity may very well be to work as a fundraising consultant.

Whether you market coupon booklets of local merchants, cookie dough, pizza coupons, or candy bars, there are some companies out there that will help you get started and who will even provide you with leads.

You will realize a strong profit margin, and you will have the contentment of knowing that you helped a school succeed.

Your goal is for you to contact local schools, and other charitable organizations, and offer to do their fundraising for them.

If they sign on and order from you, you will realize the profit.

If you like, you can even use your time and creativity to really help kick off the fundraiser and make it a resounding success. It has happened.

Another possibility might be that you like the idea of helping college students.

You might even have a lot of contacts in the student community, either because you yourself are a student, or because you have college kids at home.

If you have others come and ask you for help with resumes, and job finding, why not turn your friendly help into a lucrative business?

Especially if you almost accidentally find that you do some niche task well.

With a well done website, you can specialize in helping college students to find that entry level job they so diligently studied for.

Have the satisfaction of helping others, while also getting something out of the deal.
You will, of course, need to stay informed about industry trends and push the right button power wording.
This can be accomplished by simply reading online publications that speak on the subject.

Almost any subject that exists can be found on the internet.

If you spend just one hour a day on any one subject, just one now, within five years you will be one of the foremost authorities in the world on it. Amazing, huh? But true.

Just one subject. Every day one hour. Do it five straight years.

Even if you like your job this can be a nice life changing experience for you.

Word of mouth advertising in addition to some well placed ads on the bulletin board at the local colleges will make sure that you get interested students to find you.

Business cards with a picture on them can help you do this.
What a great way to not only have a small home based business opportunity but to also be helping someone as they embark on their professional journey in life. You are great.

Always compete with yourself to your very best.

James Lowe

Software Selection Tool Kit Free

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Technology Group International (TGI) is a proven technology leader delivering Tier 1 application software functionality at a price performance level that can be readily accepted by organizations of all sizes. Specializing in software solutions for small and mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies, TGI’s integrated Enterprise Series software suite is a complete business process management solution. The product offering includes Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Decision Support System (DSS), Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and eCommerce. TGI implements, maintains, enhances, and supports its packaged distribution and manufacturing software solutions directly and via its channel partners.

“For over a decade, we’ve encountered corporate executives who struggle with the demands of the software selection process. Many find choosing the right software evaluation methodology or even locating a quality system consultant an overwhelming task. In an effort to help these companies, TGI developed and published a free resource for project managers called the Software Selection Tool Kit,” according to Rebecca Gill, vice-president of Technology Group International (TGI).

The Software Selection Tool Kit is free to all manufacturing and distribution companies who are engaged in a system evaluation project. It was designed to provide guidance and software selection assistance in an economical and time efficient manner. Gill noted, “Although these documents are the property of TGI and copyrighted, we have opened usage of tool kit up to all manufacturers and distributors who are in the process of selecting a new software package. The kit allows small to medium size companies (SMB) locate and select the best enterprise package for their firm, without having to spend a significant portion of their budget on consulting services.”

In addition to end users, TGI also allows independent consultant’s access to the Software Selection Tool Kit. Consultants are welcome to utilize the templates and worksheets within their consulting practice, as long as the consultant is an independent and unbiased resource. Consultant authorization of the tool kit is available by contacting TGI’s corporate office.

The white papers and templates cover all aspects of system evaluation for a variety of packages including ERP software, distribution software, manufacturing software, warehouse management systems, e-commerce software, as well as business intelligence and decision support systems. Documents are available twenty-four hours a day and are completely free. They are designed for the self-serve type of project team that simply needs a little help and a few pointers when engaging in the software selection process.

Thomas Cutler

Internet Marketing the Secret

Have you ever been horrified and intimidated at the convoluted, jargon-reliant information about Internet marketing available on the Net?

Often it results in many companies becoming confused and therefore reluctant to put
into practice what would be a valuable and simple business resource when understood
and applied correctly.

Market Research consultant for Inteltab, Gordon Goodfellow, who is also an English
literature graduate, decided it was time for a change. Part of this desire to make
Internet marketing more accessible may be due to his past experience as a teacher.

"I was sick of all the gobbledegook that surrounds the Internet, even today," he
explains. "Marketing on the Net isn’t rocket science and should not be presented as such.

Everyone should have access to it. That’s the beauty of it."

Having spent four years researching and assessing the best way of getting an effective message across on the Internet, he began to design a basic introduction to Internet marketing. The result of this hard work is Applied Web Marketing. AWM is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to marketing on the Internet, covering everything from
domain names to e-commerce and merchant accounts, and written in plain English. This is designed for the small business user and the home business user who does not want to spend a fortune on outside "experts".

The key to most of Internet marketing is search engine optimisation. The key to good
search engine optimisation is keyword research. In other words, knowing which keywords or search terms people are using to find what they’re looking for on the Internet. If keyword research is done properly then there is no doubt that you will get highly targeted visitors to your website. This is obviously the professional way of going about things. It is the antithesis to the "spam" approach (unsolicited commercial emails) which achieves extremely poor results and simply annoys anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

But which search engine should you optimise for? The search engine of choice at the
moment is Google. There are two good reasons for this. Firstly, Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet today. It is known for the quality and relevance of its search results, and so people trust it. Secondly, over the last couple of years Google has joined alliances with other search engines and directories. Yahoo, the world’s most popular directory, uses Google’s database, so if you have a first page listing on Google you are likely to have a first page listing on Yahoo as well.

AOL and Netscape also share Google’s search findings, so you’ll have similar search
results on the AOL and Netscape databases. Other lesser databases also rely on Google,
so that if you are well represented on Google, then you’ll be well represented on over sixty per cent of Internet search facilities.

You should also obtain a listing on the Open Directory Project ( which is not much known about but very well respected in the search engine optimisation industry. The Open Directory does not use the normal search engine "spiders" or robot searchers; instead it uses over thirty thousand volunteer human editors who are ostensibly experts in their own fields. The theory behind this is that it ensures relevancy, accuracy and quality of all listings. A listing in DMOZ will therefore ensure a listing on Google and probably earn you an enhanced ranking there. Then all the others, like Yahoo, AOL, Netscape and the rest are bound to follow.

Optimisation is everything. The Applied Web Marketing website itself has the number
one position on Google out of 1.47 million search results for the search term "applied
web marketing".

After optimisation is the submission process. Perceived wisdom of the moment says it is best to submit manually. Manual submissions to dozens of search engines and
directories can be very time-consuming, however. There are some good automated and
semi-automated software packages available out there to do the submissions for you.
But for the major players do find the time for manual submissions. Some search
engines, for example Alta Vista, make it impossible for automated submission by
software programs, because of individualised text codes that must be entered by hand at the start of the submission process, so you have to submit to Alta Vista manually as well. But that just takes about three minutes.

Don’t bother with ads that say that they can "blast your web site to 500,000 search
engines". There aren’t that many search engines; there’s only a few hundred in total, and only about a dozen of any major importance. You’ll just pay your money and be very disappointed. Most of these so-called search engines are link farms, FFA or free-for-all sites, which nobody every looks at, and which are responsible chiefly for sending out spam. If you link to such web sites you risk being penalised by the bona fide search engines.

The next thing to have lots of is patience. A listing on Google should probably appear
within a couple of weeks if you have optimised your pages properly (incidentally, if you have multiple pages on your web site, as is mostly the case, it is important only to submit the index or home page, and let Google’s spider "Googlebot" to find and index the other pages itself using the links that you should have set up on your site.

The Applied Web Marketing guide has useful links to many resources, lots of them completely free, and to the submission pages of the major search engines and
directories, making it a perfect site to begin your journey into the world of Internet marketing.


Why Public Relations and SEO Should Become Best Buds

Website promotion is a competitive, lucrative industry where everyone from Manhattan Public Relations(PR) Firms to smalltime Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are vying for a piece of the pie. Ironically, on the information super highway, it is because of this lack of knowledge that most SEOs and PRs have for one another, which hinders their ability to offer a truly effective and affordable online-visibility solution for their clientele.

Let me explain.


PR is an industry that creates visibility across several different media for its clients while adhering to a pre-defined budget. It is an industry of communicators, with the ability to disseminate information to selected outlets armed with a rolodex, a press release and some serious people skills. Yet, with all of their strengths, one of the greatest criticisms of PR is their lack of ability to produce measurable ROI.

Large companies see the overall benefit of a well executed PR campaign, but medium-sized companies don’t see the immediate value in a bunch of blog links or they can’t afford to have Custom Myspace Tools developed for a product launch. As a result, many medium sized companies are leaving PR out of the marketing mix.


On the other side of the spectrum are search engine optimizers (SEOs). Technically savvy problem solvers, SEOs can tweak a website to maximize its exposure in the search engines (the tools that over 90% of internet users turn to when finding new resources or information online). SEOs rely on their technical expertise as well as their ability to build “backlinks” (links coming from other websites) to achieve success in the search engines for their clients.

In the past few months, however, (06-07) search engines have gotten “smarter” and have made traditional methods of building backlinks less effective. Many SEOs have turned to what they call “link bait”, tapping into social media (blog forums and others) to build backlinks. Of course, “link baiting” is really just a nerdy term for online publicity. It’s something that only the best of SEOs have mastered, and many PR Practitioners are now diving into.


Where “link baiting” (and really online promotion in general) is concerned, Public Relations firms have a distinct advantage. With their preexisting experience, contacts online and off, and other resources already dedicated to building online visibility, PR firms are much better equipped to get mentions and links on authority websites than their SEOs counterparts.

Of course just because a PR firm can get mentioned in a dozen blogs posts, or make the first page of, doesn’t necessitate an increase in their client’s bottom line. With the help of an SEO consultant, or SEO company, however, PR firms could present actual numbers to prove the value of their service by converting online publicity into search engine dominance.

If PR could tap into the technical expertise of a search engine optimizer they could solve the problem of tangible ROI and expand their services to more medium sized companies, ecommerce sites, and others. What if you as a PR Practitioner could hand your client a piece of paper saying “Look, we’ve gotten your name out to your niche here, here, here and here – oh, and as a result of this, you are now number one in the search engines when searched for these top keyphrases…”

Likewise, SEO firms, what if you could cut your workload in half by completely cutting out link building, show your clients better results, and get them mentioned in related high-traffic blogs or ezines? How much more would they be willing to spend with you? For how many more keywords would they want to rank?


It is a symbiotic relationship. Yes, you have to pay another company and cut away at some of your margin, but the relationship is mutually beneficial. Furthermore, if each party is accommodated with solutions specific to the other’s industry where both stand to make a buck from offering the other’s services, the relationship will grow.

By putting stock in SEO as well as outsourcing it, Public Relations Firms will be able to retain their larger clients with greater frequency as well as set their sites on medium sized businesses that previously hid their wallets when someone mentioned the words “press release.” Similarly, by outsourcing to PR firms, Search Engine Optimization companies will be able to service more clients, while providing all around better results.

The most important point to remember here is that neither SEO nor PR firms have the whole of the online promotions pie yet. PR’s strengths lie in creating visibility, but not technical prowess. SEO is just the opposite. They’re a veritable Ying and Yang, an Odd Couple, Bonnie and Clyde, Simon and Garfunkle, Best Buds just waiting to find each other out there in the entangled world of bandwidth, servers and free information that is the internet.


Brand Planning Models – Kevin Lane Keller

There are many reasons why Kevin Lane Keller is widely regarded as one of the most notable strategic brand planning and marketing thought leaders in the world today. His resume is impressive. He is currently a Professor of Marketing at the prestigious Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in the USA, but as a consultant he boasts big-name clients such as Unilever, Disney, American Express, Proctor and Gamble, Levi-Strauss and Starbucks.

Kevin Lane Keller’s proven track record, as well as an impressive list of credentials has lent authority to his marketing models – many of which are taught in MBA courses around the world.

In addition to all of this Kevin Lane Keller has written a number of books including well-known titles such as Marketing Management and Best Practice Cases in Branding. His most notable work is perhaps Strategic Brand Management (1998 & 2002, Prentice Hall), which is standard reading for marketing students on the topic of brand management. Other published work includes Marketing Management which he co-authored with Philip Kotler who was listed in 2008 by the Wall Street Journal as the sixth most influential person on business thinking.

Through this collaboration Kotler and Keller form the gold standard in marketing management. The latest edition of Marketing Management (published in 2009) reflects the latest changes in marketing theory and practice. The topics covered in the book include brand equity, customer value analysis, data-base marketing, supply chain management, segmentation, targeting, positioning as well as newer disciplines such as e-commerce, hybrid channels and integrated marketing communications.

To be a marketing thought leader you must come up with a seminal piece of thinking that changes the way people think. Kevin Lane Keller’s models for managing brands are used all over the world and taught on many MBA programmes.

Great brands do not just come about by accident. They are as the result of careful and creative planning. For a brand to succeed, creative brand strategies need to be developed. In an eBook entitled Brand Planning, Kevin Lane Keller proposes three tools, or models, to assist in brand planning.

These are complementary models that build on each other in terms of size and scope. Much like Russian dolls, the first model is a component of the second, and the second is a component of the third.

The three models as described by Keller can be summarised as firstly the brand positioning model. This model describes how to establish competitive advantage in the minds of customers in the market place. The second model is a brand resonance model which describes how to create intense and loyal relationships with customers. The third and final model is the brand value chain model that describes how to trace the value creation process in order to better understand the financial impact of marketing costs and investments.

When these three models are combined, they provide crucial micro and macro perspectives that are required for brand building. This enables marketers to create brand strategies that maximise profits and long-term brand equity, while being able to track their progress as they implement these strategies.

Keller’s extensive research into the understanding of consumer behaviour has improved the way many companies apply their marketing strategies and the way they build, measure and manage brand equity. This helps brands improve the design, implementation and evaluation of integrated marketing programs.

Jonathan Andrews

Direct Sales & Home Party Plan Marketing Information : How Can Social Media Benefit My Business

The astute and very pleasant Direct Sales Consultant, known by the handle The Traveling SalesWoman, asked the following question of me?
You were the person who encouraged me to join Twitter, and I’m so grateful for that!  Can you share some further thoughts about Twitter and why home party business owners should join in that conversation?

Are you are brothers and sisters fan?  If so you have not missed the obvious connection between Sarah Walkers’ Greenotopia company and its’ many references to social networks and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter!

And if you don’t know by now, you are no-one if you are not on twitter.  I was amused to find that my vocabulary  has changed considerably over the past year!

I am  Youtubing, plurking, Facebooking, tweeting, blogging, linking, MySpacing, texting and a host of other things too!  All these are some of the most popular social media sites and as you can see things can get pretty hairy, so I definitely recommend that you have a social media system.

Direct Sales Home Party Marketing Tip: Any task you do more than once NEEDS a procedure, system or checklist!

Before Bill Gates, no one had a personal computer!   One man single handedly revolutionized the world with a dream…his dream was that every home would have a computer!  His dream was to provide value to every single household in the world!

Even after Bill Gates created such an incredible tool, that gave rise to the Internet, Easy Online access & E-Commerce; it STILL amazes me just how many people refuse, are afraid and/or have not taken advantage of the power of the computer and the Internet! Computers as far as I am concerned are the best social media tools (of course for the obvious reason without one you cannot access social media ?, yep)!

I told the travelling saleswoman that social media and social networks are all about relational capital.  And like any thing social media marketing is an art form. The question I often get asked by home party consultants and direct sales reps. Is why don’t they buy my product.  The answer is simple, you have written a check, which came back with the red stamp mark, insufficient funds! (thanks Martin Luther King Jr. for that one).

You see people buy because:

i)    they know you,
ii)    they trust you
iii)   they believe that you have the solution the problem which the face and
iv)   for status

People don’t buy a product, nor do they buy a feature and the benefits are as they are decided upon by the story they tell themselves.   Your juice drink mwy help me loose weight.  But the story I am telling myself is that I am going to look sexy, finally that size 0 pair of jeans that I have seen on display for a year will be mine.  I am going to get hit on by men….you get the picture?  So if your pitch is not in line with my story…

How does all this fit into social media and social marketing?  Simple, you are building relational capital, by depositing in the bank of getting to know you, getting to know all about you!  And you are not only doing it with one person, no you are reaching out to many in one shot!

There are people on these sites that follow you, there are those that interact with you and those that want to see what you are about.  The cool thing about social outlets is that you are King and Queen of your own little internet real estate  King/Queendom!

Social media and social marketing is all about building that relational capital that gives you the all access pass to make your direct sales pitches to those who are ready, able and willing to hear what you have to say, and have the money to spend on what you have to sell.  Do not under-estimate the power of relational capital! 

How else do you think Pres. Barack Obama did it?  I will be holding a special in a week or so about “the Pres. Obama Social Media Effect : How You Too Can Go From Zero To Hero!

For more on social media, and how to use it effectively, just google “social media blog!”

Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo

Fitline Health-supplements, Anti-aging Program From Pm International – the Wellness Company



Wellness Company PM International has developed the “FitLine Premium Health Solution”, an innovative  Anti-Aging Program, using a patented Nutrient Transport Concept. According to PM International CEO, Rolf Sorg, this program is expected to contribute to the goals almost everyone has: higher quality of life due to improved wellness and strength. A more enjoyable life due to better looks and a healthy appearance.


Positioned internationally and programmed for further growth, PM International is number 1 in the German nutritional supplement market. Their guiding principle is “Natural Health Supplements, Fitness and Beauty, both internally and externally, trough innovative Cell energy.” They concentrate on the premium segment of the market. They offer a variety of product lines, including nutritional supplements for the entire family and a complete line of skin care products and cosmetics.

PM-International is not only present in all of the important markets in Europe, but has been expanding globally for years. It is already present in over 20 countries. Annual sales total over 100 Million Euro and are growing at double-digit percentage rates. As opposed to most competitors, the company is financially independent and achieves its growth solely from internal capital. This Award winning company is busy establishing their presence in America and Asia. PM International is also busy establishing their PM e-commerce opportunity for their business partners with their own turnkey internet businesses.

Dr. Gerhardt Schmitt is a Nutritional scientist, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and developer of the FitLine health supplements. He state that they offer everyone worldwide the opportunity to become an independent PM International home based distributor for all of their products. As Independent Consultants, you sell their products through the company’s Internet Wellness Shops, at your own website or at your own discretion, creating your own home based business.

This company also offers live video and phone conferences to its independent Wellness Consultants four times a week to keep everyone updated and answer questions Consultants might have about the business.

As a Wellness Consultant with PM International you have their support. You determine your financial growth at your own pace. The company is interested in long term harmonious relationships with its Consultants. PM International wants you to work with them in a relaxed atmosphere, receiving their support in every area you need in order to be a success.

Burchel Belfor