retail store is sell lrge balls for 12 and smll balls for 8one day 16 balls w?

During one day 16 balls were sold for the total revenue of $164. Using simultaneous equations calculate the number of large balls and the number of small balls.

8S + 12L = 164
S + L = 16

Multiply second equation by 8:
8S + 8L = 128

Subtract it from first equation:
  8S + 12L = 164
-(8S +   8L = 128)
             4L = 36

L = 9
S = 7

7 small and 9 large were sold.

How to Open Us Bank Account for Malaysian

E-Commerce is the largest marketplace in the world. E-Commerce serve user all over the world in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. People can surf the web anytime and anywhere they want through the web. Certain item, they can get it instantly. And certain item, they can buy it online and wait until they receive the item.

As one of the Malaysian, i am interested in a lot of offer in the web. But most of them only offered for U.S citizen. Such as eBay. But, i discover the way on how to participate the offer even i am not U.S citizen. I open an account with paypal and follow the process to become verified. I discover the problem when paypal only offered U.S bank to be verified in PayPal. I search the information in google on how to open U.S Bank for Malaysian, but i found the information is not much. So that i done my research and believe that i can be verified as long as i know the right way. I spent 2 month to do the process and finally i am verified and i start buying online at U.S site such as eBay, Amazon and a lot more using my PayPal account and US Bank Debit Card.

At the beginning, i only buy online without selling anything. After 2 month buying and experiencing buying online, i learn on how to be a good seller from the seller i bought e-books, watches and etc. They always giving the right information and shipping service to the customer.

I start selling online such as watches, wallet, information and a lot more using my PayPal account and most of the service that i love is online consultant. I become a online seller from the experience i have while online the web almost everyday.

From this experience, i know the way on how to open U.S Bank account for Malaysian. Malaysian can sell online buy using a lot of merchant account offered in the web. But PayPal also offered a service accept credit card payment and in the same time it’s been used by 88% US citizen to buy online. The benefit having this account is more because PayPal user only pay to another verified PayPal account. So that, PayPal is the best merchant service and also the best payment method that also offer insurance for buyer and seller.

The important part having PayPal verified is, only verified user can withdraw their money. For Malaysian who wanted to learn the way opening U.S Bank account and be verified in PayPal, i am offering the online consultation using Yahoo Messenger. So that, they dont have to read a lot of e-books that offer the method and finally they don’t understand what they have to do and forgot what they have to do to be verified in PayPal.

Have A Nice Day,



Looking for Affordable Website Design Company

In today’s competitive business scenario, an efficient and user friendly website design is critical for achieving business success. If you are a business owner, wishing to set up and develop your online business, there are several organizations providing website design services for enhanced performance of your websites. Elixir Web Solutions is an Online Interactive Media Agency which provide services catering to small as well as big corporate websites.

Web Design Company offering custom website design and development services, graphic design, logo design, flash design services and Website promotion and Internet marketing. Our business driven approach separates us from typical website design companies. For the past few years we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment (ROI) our clients. If you are serious about your web design success, we can get you the same with strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, and competitive prices. Professional website development requires a lot more than a flashy, brightly colored animations and stock photos.

Elixir Web Solutions is a professional website design company that stands for quality, clean website development, graphic design, flash animation, ecommerce web site design, customized web applications and offshore outsourcing India. As a complete web solutions company we offer custom oriented web design services and more importantly, deliver them effectively. We utilize the skills of designers, experienced specialist programmers, search engine registration specialists and business management experts. Our skilled teams of designers, programmers and project managers will be with you every step of the way. And the relationship need not end there as we can provide you with responsive website maintenance, professional web hosting, and search engine optimizations, internet marketing. We believe that by offering you the best services coupled with the highest standards of professionalism. With our combined experience in website design, graphic design, website development and ecommerce stores, offshore outsourcing India, you can be confident that whatever your project demand we can deliver. We understand that our success depends on yours, which is why the success of your business is our highest priority. We listen closely to what you want and then deliver it.

Elixir has substantial experience in website design. Our design can make the struggling group seem confident. Creating a website for a client from scratch involves a variety of skills and services, all of which we offer.

When it comes to website design services, there are many providers to choose from. Choose a web development company with experience, expertise and a good reputation. You should also make sure that the web designers in these firms have both the artistic and technical skills to create and develop a website that meets your needs as web design and development are very important variables that need to be taken care of to create a great website for others to view. Usually there are many different kinds of web design and development that you can choose from.

Elixir Web Solutions and its designers will get you that perfect look and feel to your web presence. Our skilled programmers will use latest technologies in developing your website. And also our experienced marketing managers and consultants will position you highly in the search engines. We can offer truly effective web site design services.

Mohit Sareen

Info About Dynamics Nav (navision)

Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a product from Microsoft. It’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, launched with to assist with and facilitate activities like manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, Supply Chains, CRM (customer Relationship Management). Dynamics NAV (Navision)is sold by Microsoft Partners who are qualified and authorised to make changes to the software as per the requirements of the client and sell the package as a turn-key project, ready to be used.

A Microsoft Partner employs a team of qualified and experienced people who can add features to the existing Dynamics NAV (Navision) product as per the need of the client. Many Microsoft Partners create tailor made packages for Vertical Markets, then resell them to customers as an integrated product or complete solution software as per their business needs. This practice is now popular and accepted. The reason is that today there is every likelihood that new software features will have to be added to the existing solution.

This value addition can be made possible with the help of a range of skills like integrating, customising, consulting, training and finally implementation. Dynamics NAV (Navision) helps businesses automate, integrate, and better manage finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, customer relationships, and human resources. All this helps a business to function smoothly in all aspects. This all begins with an initiative to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is the latest and most updated software product and it boasts a new role-based GUI. It is expected that Dynamics NAV 2009 will hit the market around November 2008.

Businesses gain many benefits from Dynamics NAV 5.0 with the help of its latest technologies it helps to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase business insight for small and midsize companies. The main advantage is that people work faster with familiar programs. Also, Dynamics NAV does not disturb business operations because it integrates smoothly with existing systems and helps the business to get the most out of existing technology investment and systems. It also helps collect data faster so decision making is positively affected.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a smart way to operate a business in today’s modern technology-centric environment.

For more resources about Dynamics NAV or even about Navision please review this webpage

Groshan Fabiola

Web Pointers for Successful eCommerce

The goal of any online business is to sell something, be it a product, service, or information. To accomplish this, you need customers, or traffic, to your web site. Follow these key Internet business strategies to generate customers and cash.

Image is Everything

Your web site should reflect how you want customers to feel about your business. The site must be professional looking and easy to navigate and understand. The content provided should be relevant to the needs of the customer.

Marketing is King

What promotional tools are you using to advertise your web site? Search engines are the primary method Net surfers use to locate information. One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization. The word “books” is too generic for a site promoting life/career changing seminars based on motivational books. Surfers who type in “books” probably want to buy one rather than attend a seminar. Use specific terms that closely relate to what you are selling.

Links to your web page are another important Internet business strategy. Links increase visitors who often become customers. Relevancy is key; links to your home page should be from sites with topics closely related to your business. Be descriptive with links. “Buy last season’s Coach handbags at cloSEOut prices” entices more clicks than “Brand name liquidators.”

Consider starting your own affiliate program. It’s cost effective because you only pay other sites for the visitors they link to you. You can pay for visitors or pay if the visit results in a sale.

Online businesses do best with online marketing. However, don’t discount “old” media. Get a press release or article about your eBusiness in the local paper. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages or industry trade magazines.

Information Content

Don’t just sell your product or service. Include articles, news, or interesting facts related to your eBusiness. Many customers will appreciate the information. In addition, reporters often look for information online; a blurb about your web site in their story might bring in more customers.

Customer Friendly

If your eBusiness customers are the general public, go easy on the industry jargon. Use “nose jobs” more than “rhinoplasty” if your cosmetic surgery site is aimed at patients rather than fellow medical personnel. This is important also when choosing keywords for search engines.

Go easy on graphics and other bells and whistles. These things tend to slow down page loads. A easy navigation system is one of the most important Internet business strategies. The average customer doesn’t want to sit through mini films or music interludes to get to the information desired. If your web pages take too long to open, customers will surf elsewhere.


“The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success,” (cyberspeaker)

“Twelve Things Every Web Site Must Have For Business Success,” (netatlantic)

Larry Bregman

Will Shopping Save the Economy

The easy availability of credit has created what Robert Manning calls our Credit Card Nation, where we are encouraged to shop until we drop. In the aftermath of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush made that point shamelessly when he told the American people that the best way to help in that traumatic period was to go shopping again. He knew, even if most Americans didn’t, that it is their non-stop consumption that drives the economy. Without it, I guess, the terrorists could have won.

“In fact,” Robert Manning writes in his seminal book on credit cards, “with the ascendance of the post-industrial economy, bank credit cards have become an essential technological and financial tool for commercial transactions as well as an increasingly important macro-economic tool for U.S. Policy-makers.”

Shopping is our real national pastime, but it comes, as he warns, at a price that is not advertised in the malls:

The idyllic wonderland of consumer credit too often belies a reality of unknown sacrifices and enduring debt… the credit card industry is playing a crucial role in transforming American consumer attitudes. The promotion of “immediate gratification” ruptures the cognitive connection between earnings/saving and credit/debt that has traditionally shaped consumer behavior. It is this “cognitive disconnect,” with its siren song “Buy, buy, buy. It could be free, free, free” that constitutes the cornerstone of the Credit Card Nation.

And so it is not surprising that holidays are used or created as national events to spur consumption. They have become rituals of shopping. None is as important as the first day after Thanksgiving, itself a day set aside for overindulgence at the kitchen table. That day now has a name, Black Friday, so called because it is supposed to be the day when the whole retail sector goes into the black financially. (This may not have been such a wise use of language since the Wall Street crash of l929, ushering in the Great Depression, started on a “Black Thursday.”)

After months of financial volatility, Black Friday of 2007 was seen as a make-or-break event. Would it send a cathartic and upbeat signal that the economy was back? Shoppers had been tasked to launch the Holiday season with a big bang.

On Wall Street, buyers jumped the gun, sending prices higher with their hopes. AP reported, stocks rebounded as investors engaged in a bit of Black Friday bargain hunting and looked for signs of how well retailers might fare during the holiday shopping season. The market was voting its own money.

In the malls, preparations had been made for five months with advertising dollars set aside for promoting sales and deep discounts to lure the shoppers who had almost been boycotting the stores in September and October. Ingenious plans for opening earlier and staging “midnight madness” sales to trigger a stampede were put in place.

The hype machine went into overdrive with TV ads having the expected effect of getting TV News, especially in local markets, actively building anticipation.

I was watching local news stories in Boston, featuring perky local news “correspondents” who were stirring a buying frenzy with upbeat reports on manic consumers waiting feverishly to rush into malls the night before. It was, in the words of Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, a “shopopocalyse.” His crusade against out-of-control consumption is pictured in the new film What Would Jesus Buy?

This highly relevant film was not on TV, of course, because our media is deeply complicit in promoting/encouraging mindless consumerism through newspapers, commercials, and on newscasts.

This is a well-practiced formula mirroring TV’s promotion of the war in Iraq, as the line between selling and telling disappears. Media outlets are amply rewarded with endless ad revenues hyping all the discounted goodies you can get, with the Boston Globe packing no less than 43 advertising/sales supplements (down from 47 a year ago) into a paper that had wall-to-wall Macy’s ads, including some offering $10 coupons to bribe you into the stores. Marketing like this is what the media does best.

The only negative note was the fear among some that toys might be unsafe because of lead or other dangers. Some 26 million toys, most made in China, had been recalled in 2007, a sign that the regulators were asleep on this front in the economic wars as they were on Wall Street.

The real danger may not be lead in the toys but another type of lead – in our heads. It’s that “lead” that leads to denial on the part of millions that we can go on with our addictive, well-cultivated crazed consumption habits.

Bill Bowles writes about this on his CNI Blog:

The problem is that many of us have been force-fed with a diet of nothing but passive, uncritical consumptionism, indeed, we are addicted to the stuff; breaking such powerful habits is what this is all about; it’s about getting people to think critically again about what’s going on and why and what, if anything, we can do about it.

Bowles also ties this cultural affliction, sometimes known as affluenza, back to our dependence on a media system that won’t really allow other voices to be heard.

It would be an understatement to say that the world has changed almost beyond recognition in the past two decades, we appear to have re-entered the age of the dinosaur, gigantic creatures stomping across the planet, “guided” by pea-sized brains. So … we have increasing concentrations of powerful media – media that is actually an entire raft of processes critical to the survival of capitalism – either in the hands of vast corporations or the state (which in any case is now openly in bed with the big corporations)…

Were most media outlets connecting any dots between the annual shopathon and the “severe recession” that many economists are forecasting? Were there any warnings to the public to save their rapidly inflating money for the expected hard times? Was there any explanation of how prices have sharply risen and, thus, the discounts – often “teaser” rates just like the ones offered loan victims – are really not all they are cracked up to be?

No way.

What about the larger trends? Yes, there has been reporting on how bad things are – but this reality was largely NOT depicted in the “shop now, be happy” coverage. This euphoria was deliberate and deceptive. The Boston Globe did run a story in the B Section where the business news is buried. At the very end of the AP report (not theirs) you read this:

Last year, retailers had a good start during the Thanksgiving weekend, but many stores struggled in December and a shopping surge just before and after Christmas wasn’t enough to make up for lost sales. This year, analysts expect sales gains to be the weakest in five years. Washington-based National Retail Federation predicted that total holiday sales would be up 4 percent for the combined November and December period, the slowest growth since a 1.3 percent rise in 2002.

Holiday sales rose 4.6 percent in 2006 and growth has averaged 4.8 percent over the last decade.

Where were the stories alerting us to this coming calamity on the front pages? They weren’t there. It is not in their interest to carry them, clearly a big No No. It gets worse. MTV pointedly rejected an ad from the Cultural Jammers Network urging a Buy Nothing Day. Commented one blogger, “The station that markets itself as the voice of hip youth has censored the burping pig.”

But why? Their advertising standards representative, Elisa Billis, said, “The spot goes further than we are willing to accept on our channels.” Too radical for self-styled “hip” MTV, which routinely carries military recruiting ads with no qualms.

The Boston Globe did carry a cartoon lampooning local sports mania in a town with
winning teams. In its last panel, set in a mortgage office, a fan is being told he will be able to pay off his Red Sox/Celtics/Patriots tickets in just a few decades.

Many of the shoppers this season are charging it even though all the credit card companies have jacked up rates, driving the real cost of shopping higher, and even though credit balances are at an all-time high. The companies are just waiting for them. The day after Christmas, VISA will report on how much business was done. In years past, they called it “disappointing.”

And then in January, the returns – consumers bringing back purchases and gifts – will start as the bills come due. Experts – including former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers – are warning that the credit card system itself may be the next to fall.

Writes economist Robert Samuelson:

“The specter of the subprime debacle is that it’s just a start. Huge amounts of auto loans, credit-card debt, commercial mortgages and equipment leases have also been securitized. If similar problems emerged, it would shake confidence in the securitization model and, by magnifying investors’ losses, threaten to turn the credit crunch from a slogan into a reality. A broader crisis, though a long shot, can’t be excluded.

Thanksgiving this year fell on the anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The New York Times predictably marked the event with one more op-ed article – one in a long line – assuring us that there was no conspiracy. (Even as 80% of the public continues to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.) In some ways obsessive debt-creating consumption patterns are a form of self-assassination as a nation of shoppers shoots holes in their financial futures.

While they discredit suggestions of a past conspiracy, they seem to be ignoring a current one. That involves the steady decline of our economy, thanks to illegal practices through white-collar predatory lenders backed by our biggest banks and hedge funds, as well as the inability of regulators to regulate, and a complicit media to blow the whistle, which caused a multi-billion dollar economic crime that is still in progress.

So what happened? Was the day the big success we were told it would be by the media’s relentless upbeat coverage? In a culture where perception itself is carefully managed, Black Friday didn’t appear to be dark at all. On Friday night, after a day of boosterism disguised as journalism, retailers and media promoters were, like President Bush in Iraq, proclaiming victory – “mission accomplished.”

Not so fast.

Yes, Black Friday showed better results than expected, but the retail industry afterward said it still expected a weak Christmas. Remember, the stores were open longer than ever and the advertising/ hype was more pervasive. Also. the discounting was deeper and the bargains more extensive. We know that the sales were up, but what about the returns and expected credit card defaults?

The New York Times sent reporters into the stores and found “desperation rather than celebration.” By Monday, Wall Street was glum, according to Fox News: “So much for a ‘Black Friday’ bounce for Wall Street. Instead, negative market sentiment and another ugly day for financial stocks sent the Dow plunging 237 points lower.”

Danny Schechter

Great Plains Dynamics Gp Consultant Chicago Newsflash: Working With Comments

Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains ERP was designed in earlier 1990thwith new Shell Great Plains Dexterity.  Dex was in turn programmed in C++ to resolve operating system and Database platform dependency.  However C programming language was in time and probably now, especially when you are trying to use platform independent functions – not perfect in working with new Windows drivers: PDF printing, pictures formats, working with Unicode and International ASCII collations, web publishing, etc.  In this small publication we would like to review long text attachments, which you can do in Dynamics GP – comments:

1.       OLE and Pictures.  Great Plains was initially supporting and currently supports these technologies, however OLE compliant applications and pictures are stored in the files, and not in SQL database

2.       Text attachments or Notes.  Comments are stored in MS SQL Server company database.  Dynamics GP supports only four lines of notes, plus you should be aware that they are stored in the following table: SY04200 – comment master.  Here you can assign comment id to each specific comment.  However when you are attaching comment to, let’s say, SOP invoice line – you are copying its contents to the comment instantiation table – SOP10202 in our example.  However on this instantiation level GP actually splits comments text into four comment lines: COMMENT_1, 2, 3 and 4 – system makes a judgment and decides if the line should be split

3.       Updating comments on the existing documents.  If you have a need to update comment on Sales Invoice line level you will have to produce the algorithm from SY04200 comment master table, where you will be splitting comment text field into four comment lines.  These four comment lines will be used by GP workstation to print popular reports, such as SOP Invoice Blank form

4.       eConnect eCommerce programming.  Here you have encrypted stored procedures, which you can call from MS Visual Studio C# or VB .Net project, however comment restrictions apply and you still have to deal with four comment lines.  If you decide to introduce customization, then you can potentially break trough

Andrew Karasev

Getting a Grasp on Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization and internet or online marketing, you could be a little lost. It would be very easy to just go out and higher SEO consultants to come in and take over your site, and get it search engine ready. However, that is not always the best choice. Sure, these SEO experts are going to do something for you, but a lot of times, the things that they do for your site are things that you can do yourself. That is why you need to seek out the best help. Today we are going to talk about some of the things that these SEO services do to better your site. When you get done reading this, you are going to see that most of the things that they do, you can do yourself. Either way you choose to go, you have to know that SEO makes for good marketing. The quicker you can get your web site noticed by search engines, the better!

First of all, a lot of search engine optimization revolves around proper title tags, meta tags and keyword placement.  Then it must be followed up by a powerful link building campaign. A long time ago, you could just list keywords in your site and get ranked high on web sites. However, now search engines count that against you if you use too many keywords, and in the end, that can hurt your marketing strategy. Thus, you have to come up with ways to work keywords into your website without just listing them in a list. That is why a lot of SEO services come up with keyword rich articles that have keywords worked right into them. The good news for you is that you do not have to hire SEO consultants to make these keyword rich articles for you. It is better to either come up with them yourself or just to hire a freelance writer to do it for you. After all, hiring freelance writers is a lot less expensive than hiring SEO experts for writing content.

Another thing that you want to do is work keywords into the titles and sub titles on your web site. Whenever you search in search engines, you will notice that the titles for the sites usually include the keyword you just searched for . For example, if you are searching for “cat food,” then your results may come up “1. Best Types of Cat Food.” The number one is, of course, the search result, meaning it was the first one that came up. As you can see, the keyword “cat food” was worked right into the title. This is search engine optimization at work. A lot of SEO consultants like to work keywords into titles, but as you can see, that is something that you can do yourself. SEO experts know a lot about marketing, however, that does not mean that you have to use their services. By using common knowledge, you can do your own marketing and save yourself some money.

Lastly, you must create a powerful link building campaign. What I mean by that is you need to find ways to get other sites to link to you. Search the internet or link building tips to learn more about this topic.

Search advertising, PPC and SEO continue to be strong allies in an economy that has been tepid at best. The greatest role of an online marketing strategy is that Phoenix businessmen and women are discovering the real value in online advertising is actual traffic to their ecommerce website.

Joel McLaughlin

How Ecommerce Web Design Can Affect an Online Business?

Online tools have empowered business segments worldwide. ‘Sell even when you sleep’ has become the new mantra of success. The pitch of online business and Ecommerce is a continuous transforming one. Effective Ecommerce web design helps your website to be visible prominently in this highly competitive and changing atmosphere. Ecommerce web design companies graduate themselves with the principles that have the potential to drive the future Ecommerce practices and evaluate where the your business is going to stand after the changes. After this analysis, they make an appropriate design for your website.

To keep pace with the changes in the Ecommerce arena, you have to develop an interactive and dynamic website. Interaction between you and your customers help the business process to prosper. You need to add updated and informative content on regular basis to make your site more user friendly. Secured transactions, attractive product display and availability of multiple options are the keys to success for any Ecommerce venture. The Ecommerce website design should offer a proper attention to all these three aspects.

With the increase in business volume, you can go for a web portal. When thinking for an online web portal, many factors need to be considered. Proper analysis of the aspects like the needs of the target audience, the purpose of the portal, available products and services helps you to develop a customer friendly Ecommerce portal. The Ecommerce web design and development companies help you in this regard with their multifarious services. The services offered by these companies are mutually complementary ones and include web design, Corporate Identity, Ecommerce consulting, Website development, custom shopping cart, content generation and management, system integration, logo development, and software application development .

Anirban Bhattacharya

Pointers for Successful E-Commerce Business Internet Strategies

The goal of any online business is to sell something, whether it is a product, service, or information. To do this, you need targeted customers, or traffic, to your web site. Follow the Internet business strategies below to generate customers and cash.

Your Image is Everything

Your web site should reflect how you want your targeted customers to feel about your business. The site must be professional looking and easy to navigate and understand, down to the last submit button to order your products. The content provided should be very relevant to the needs of your customers.

Smart Marketing is King

What marketing tools are you using to advertise your web site? Search engines are the hottest primary method Net surfers use to locate information.

One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization. The word, books, is too generic for a site promoting life and career changing seminars based on motivational and inspirational books. Surfers who type in books probably want to buy one rather than attend a seminar. Think target market. Use specific terms that closely relate to what you are selling. The longer and more focused the better.

Links to your web page are an important Internet business e-commerce strategy. Links increase visitors who often become customers. Relevancy is an important key; links to your home page should be from sites with topics closely related to your business.

Quality is more important than quantity. Be descriptive and focused with links. Buy handbags from the last season at closeout prices, entices more clicks than, Brand name liquidators.

Consider starting an affiliate program of your own. It is cost effective because you only pay other marketers for the visitors they link to you. You can pay on a visitor basis or, another way is, if the visit results in a sale.

Online businesses tend to do best when online marketing is used. However, do not discount old media. Get a press release or article about your e-Business in the local paper.

There are many quality, low priced, article writers on article directories on the Internet who can write these up for you. Place your ad in the yellow pages and industry trade magazines.

Information Content

Do not just sell your product or service. Include pro written articles per above, news, or interesting facts related to your e-Business. Many customers will appreciate the information. Also, reporters often look for information online. When you have a blurb about your web site in their story you might bring in more customers.

Always Be Customer Friendly

If your e-Business customers are the general public, go easy on the industry jargon. Use nose jobs more than rhinoplasty if your cosmetic surgery site is aimed at patients rather than medical personnel. This is also very important when choosing keywords for search engines because this is how your customers find you. Always study keyword article strategies for best results.

Go easy on graphics and other bells and whistles. Remember that content, not pictures, is king. These things tend to slow down page loads. No one wants to wait for a long time to boot up and most people will leave if it looks like your site is not organized and working well.

An easy to drive through navigation system is one of the most important Internet business strategies. Customers do not want to sit through mini films, lots of videos or music interludes to get to the information desired. It is important to remember that, if your web pages take way too long to open, customers will surf elsewhere.

James Lowe