The Income Model for Membership Sites

Entrepreneurs employ a variety of business models. A business model is an overall structure around which someone builds their business. It involves everything from planning how income will be earned, to the sales process, to how products and services will ultimately be delivered out to customers or clients.

Some models are more conducive to particular types of businesses or industries; some are selected out of personal preference. For More Detail Go To: others are deliberately chosen because they can make the entrepreneur more money faster, easier, and with less effort.

Income Models: How You Earn Your Money

There are many benefits attributed to a subscription-based model which outweigh other income models. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of models:

1. Trade your time for money. This is the most common and traditional of business models. This model is used the world over and is the basis for the employer-employee model. This is the same model used by many entrepreneurs, too. They think they are working for themselves, but they are actually working in a pseudo employer-employee model.

For example, most coaches and consultants and other independent business professionals trade their time for money. Their client is the “employer” and they are the “employee”. Nothing is all that different from working for a company. This model has many drawbacks, the main one being that you can only work so many hours in a day so you automatically top out on the amount of income you can earn.

2. Passive income model. The passive income model is one where you sell information or other products which do not require your actual intervention in any way. You can set everything up with an ecommerce system and you can literally make sales while you sleep. You no longer need to trade your time for money; you have an automated system. But passive revenue has its drawbacks too.

Income from this model is fairly unpredictable. For More Detail go to:, you might make some money here and there, but in order to create more income, you’ll need to continuously employ various marketing strategies to promote interest. You can make money around the clock and now you can continue to trade hours for dollars and reap the benefits of having additional income through passive revenue channels.

3. The third income model relates to continuity income or continuous income. This is the model around which membership sites are built. Members pay a monthly subscription fee for access to your content and other members in the group. This income model has many benefits. First, you’re receiving regular income. As long as you have members, you’ll have income.

Also, this model is easily scalable. You can easily add members with very little expenditure of time, money, or energy on your part. You’re adding content regardless of the number of members. So the key is to increase membership. When you focus your marketing efforts on adding new members, every member you add is a future revenue stream. Contrast this with the passive income model, which in our case (not all cases) is assuming a one-time purchase and thus no income continuity.


Branding Your Customers

What is Business Branding

Branding your business is simply giving the public and your customers an image of your company. By knowing how your company is perceived by the rest of the world, you can use your image to instill trust, loyalty, and stability within your customers. When you think of Lowe’s Home Improvement you should think of a hardware store that focuses on low prices. When you think of Home Depot you should think of a hardware store that focuses on customer service. Lowes customer base is more interested in finding low prices for their hardware and supplies while the Home Depot customer base is more interested in having help finding what they need for their projects.

Most of all companies have a logo and a slogan which is also part of their branding strategy. Typically a company will use their main theme in their slogan. Domino’s Pizza promotes themselves as the delivery experts while Papa John’s Pizza promotes themselves as the pricier Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. Again the conclusion is simple; the Domino’s customer base orders from Domino’s for a speedy delivery while Papa John’s customer base orders for the quality and taste. Business branding is a marketing strategy used to promote your companies goals which attract customers.

Your Branding Strategy

Choosing the right business branding strategy for your ecommerce home business will help in attracting customers that share a common need. Some people feel that providing great customer service is what they want to focus on. This is by far the most popular and attractive branding method used to this day. Then you have businesses that focus on providing the lowest prices possible. This also works very well, especially in a market with expensive name brand items. Taking care of your customers is very important because they are the source of your success. There will always be customers who want to find the best deal while there will be customers who will want help.

The Web Marketplace

Selling products on the internet is different than selling products in a brick and mortar store. There are still a lot of people who refuse to buy anything over the internet because of the inconvenience of waiting for the product to be shipped, payment methods, and the possibilities of fraud. The number of people becoming comfortable with buying products online is growing everyday and a lot of people are using the web to research products and prices before they go shopping.

The Informative Presell

The soul of the internet is information and this is what most people use the internet for. When consumers walk into department stores they already have something in mind they want to buy and they don’t need much if any information about the product. I have found that on the internet it is much better to provide good informative content about your products to make sales. The main reason people are online is that they are looking for information about the products they want to buy so it is important to provide everything you can about each and everyone of your products no matter how known or trivial they are.

Business Branding With Product Information

No matter what you choose, a good customer service policy or a low prices theme, you can use information to make sales. A good strategy I have seen is to use information as your companies branding strategy and combine the low prices and customer service themes. Set your store up to compare products with the information you provide for each product side by side. This is really useful to the customer who can then decide which one they want, the product that is cheaper or the product that is of better quality. This is the road that a lot of successful ecommerce businesses have taken because it provides a solution for each type of customer you may receive.


Having a targeted business branding strategy can eliminate any mystery your shoppers may feel when browsing your store. When you give your business a theme and show your customers your goals, they will be more willing to buy from you. Your business will have a direction and once you have established trust among your customers repeat sales will come. Your company will have morals to grow with and you can brand your customers into loyal buyers.

Jason Collins

10 Step-by-step Business Startup Guide: Step 2

STEP 2: Business Model

Once I have selected the kind of business I want to do, I would brainstorm how to run the business. In today’s technology, there are many business models to choose from i.e. part time or full time, at home or totally mobile, online or brick and mortar business.

But the key is to choose a business model that fits into My Ultimate Plan. I do this to make sure that I spend the right number of days each month, take the right level of risk, investment wise and attaining the level of satisfaction that I want.

First thing first: How much time do I want to devote to my business?

If I only have three days to spare in a week, I cannot start and run a business full time. I will need to do it part time, to adapt my business to time consuming obligations that I already have, such as my day job, parenting responsibilities or other activities that would refrain me from doing it full time.

Once I have determined whether I would do the business full time or part time, I will need to identify the right type of business models to fit into my current situation.

I have complied six common business models here:

1. Home based

2. Brick and mortar

3. E-commerce

4. Franchising

5. Licensing a product

6. Multilevel marketing

Home based

Using the latest technology, anyone can create a legitimate and competitive business from home. In fact, this is the cheapest and fastest way to start an enterprise. It can be run full time or part time, Internet or non-Internet based.

Brick and Mortar

It simply means a business with a physical location outside the home, either leased premises or purchased. It involves a dedicated facility, whether retail, wholesale, service or manufacturing. This model usually involves relatively high capital.


There is no foot traffic in this business model. All the customers will purchase online, from A to Z of the transaction. The owner can sell and service the product/service through an Internet portal capable of collecting payment. This can apply to business that sells directly to customers or to other businesses.


This model refers to buying a successful business model, which makes the buyer the “franchisee”. Usually, there will be a franchise fee upfront and a portion of the revenues over time to be paid to the franchisor. Everything the franchisee needs to know on starting and running the business is provided by the franchisor, including the equipment and sometimes, goods and services.

Licensing the Product

Any designer, expert, innovator or anyone creative enough to conceive a product or invention that people would buy but do not want to run the business, can still take advantage of a great product idea or invention by licensing it to another company that has the entire infrastructure in place to effectively manufacture, market and sell it.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

This is another business that could be started instantly and with low startup cost. However, to excel in MLM, one must have traits of perseverance and determination. MLM is a marketing and distribution structure. People at the top sell to those below them, who in turn sell to those under them. The higher one achieves in the structure, the more income one derives. Anyone chooses this model must be cautious before deciding to jump into the bandwagon as some MLM attracts its members using “greed tactics”!

Whichever option it may be, I would definitely do some research on its pro’s and con’s as well as the level of suitability to the kind of business I am going to venture into.

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Dave J

can I sue police officers who are ticketing customers on my retail property, thereby harassing my customers?

and driving business away from my tenants?

I think $25,000 per ticket sounds about right. I’m going to speak with my attorney about it today. These thugs need to realize they can’t just do whatever they want. I know their main job function is to bring in city & county revenue, by writing frivolous traffic tickets. But my tenants and I also pay a great deal of money in business & property taxes.

That would be a really useless thing to do, even to think about. If you have a real problem with your customers legitimately getting parking tickets, then why don’t you post a sign saying that parking meter infractions are strictly enforced in that area, and suggest that if anyone needs a change for the meter you will gladly take 25 cents out of your cash register so they can feed the meter. If you are really what you say you are you should be dam* glad the police pay attention to your neighbourhood and enforce the laws. That’s what we (including businessmen) pay them to do so quit whining.

Play Your Trumps

Always play your trumps. That’s what my dear old Aunty used to
say. “How the hell do you expect to win if you lead off suit?”
Words usually followed by a sharp kick under the table to remind
you not to do it again.

Sure she was talking about Eucre but she could well have been
commenting on web sites. The logic is the same. If you don’t
play to your strengths you won’t take many tricks. Why is it
then that this principle is overlooked so often on the web?

It is amazing, (or frightening if you are the one writing the
cheques), how many web sites conceal their most useful content.
Spending more time on animated flash intros and e-prefixing
mission statements than thinking about how and why people are
going to be using their site. Unfortunately not all companies
have a vigilant Aunty to keep recalcitrant webmasters in line.

The web at the moment is a bit like when you first buy an
answering machine. No one leaves a message until you realise
that the Richie Benaud impression your mates thought was so
funny down at the pub, is actually irritating people who just
want you to ring them back. Think functionality. Why did you get
a web site in the first place? Remember it is a tool not a

Don’t hide your content. Placing a web site’s marquee content
several clicks deep is the equivalent of placing a direct
marketing flyer inside three envelopes and then hiding it in the
bush next to the mailbox. Just plain dumb.

Visibility is the key. The reality is that on average half the
visitors to your web site will not progress past the home page.
The back button is the most commonly used navigation aid for web
surfers. This means that unless your key content is up front and
exposed the chances are that it will be missed or passed over
for an alternative. This is not rocket science. This is basic

There is a commonly quoted rule of thumb within web development
that any item should be no more than three clicks away from any
other item on a web site. This should be considered a maximum
not the norm. Especially regarding navigation from the first
point of entry. Content should be up front and obvious. Even if
it’s only a tease of what’s available inside. Porn sites have
been doing that for years, and let’s face it they’re the only
ones making money from pure content on the web anymore.

If you’ve got a good deal going, put it on the home page not
tucked away in your product catalogue. If you have a member’s
area let everyone else know what they’re missing out on.

Don’t be afraid of the telephone. Web users are becoming
increasingly savvy and selective about the way they use the
Internet. The web is a tool to obtain information, not a means
of being funneled through predetermined pathways.

Fast track them to your sales team not insult their intelligence
by using some feedback form addressed to
Some businesses spend more on a bold Yellow Pages ad than they
do on their whole Internet strategy, yet still leave phone
numbers off their web sites.

The Internet is a flawed medium. But then so are telephones,
television and the press. The key is in recognising what it does
well and what it does not. It is unlikely to deliver untold
riches but it may shave a few dollars off your information
delivery costs, or help compliment your latest marketing
campaign, or become a mouthpiece for corporate announcements.
But don’t forget the best thing that your site can do is to is
direct potential customers to your sales team.

Although e-commerce is now about as popular as e-coli and your
sports car driving web consultant is now serving lattes on
Chapel Street, it should be remembered that a web site is only
as good as the use that is made of it. If it remains idle and
static it might as well be a museum piece. It is a tool not a
gravy train. Your customers may not like to purchase online, but
if used correctly the web site can still be an invaluable sales

Tim Giles

Internet Business – a Safe Option

The first appearance of the Internet filled a lot of people with ill-conceived trepidation about this unexplored and new environment. Many saw the net as a precarious and unmanageable place. True there will probably continue to be some areas of cyberspace that it is wise to stay away from, but this sort of circumspection also applies to the real world, and the Internet is overall is as protected an environs to do business in and to buy and sell goods as any other. If it wasn’t, then highly popular sites like Amazon and Ebay would not have reached the successful positions that they have.

            Regrettably, law-breaking on the streets continues to rise in many districts. The World Wide Web, as it gives people the option to shop online, is progressively viewed as a more dependable replacement for the high street. For elderly citizens, or those with frailties, it is a more protected and more functional way to see to business affairs or go shopping. Importantly, kids can commune with their acquaintances online on dark nights without hazarding being out when it’s late.

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            In spite of arguments in support of E-commerce a smattering of people will nonetheless view it as a place that is as forbidding as any woodland in an old legend. Realistically it serves as an amenable setting for billions of people daily to socialise in and buy and sell and operate their businesses from.

We need to protect ourselves in any environment and ensuring that online shopping online is transacted via secure servers is advised. Being mindful to patronise only reliable companies to pay for merchandise and services is always wise. But don’t be anxious about the necessity for taking such precautions, this sort of vigilance is no stranger than keeping your bank card’s pin code a secret. It’s just common sense. And keeping safe the passwords we use online is important too – again, this is a sensible safeguard against crime, like keeping our house keys protected.

These days the World Wide Web is appealing to a vast number of people and a large number of companies are choosing to adapt their pre-existing businesses to better function online. Similarly new web businesses are being launched on a daily basis. The verdict is that the Internet is an accepted and effectual virtual workplace, and one which is economical. In today’s fluctuating financial climate that’s a real bonus.

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Consequently, if we presume that people are comfortable buying and selling on the Internet (Ebay’s success illustrates this), what’s the best way for success to be augmented and vouched for?

            We all understand that a professionally constructed website really does wonders for a company’s image. The home page signifies the shop front or shop window. Each web page stands for the store’s interior, the place where services wares will be exhibited for sale. The store’s image should be planned to connect with the demographic of the designated customer group. What is the most effective way to attract custom to your internet site? Enlisting professional help brings many bonuses. A lot of people are adept enough to put together an elementary web page, but a wholly functional professional site, customized for a given business, calls for an upper-level of skill. It’s crucial too that a constant flow of visitors find their way to the web site. Even the most marvellous of web sites won’t be recognised unless search results list them as top rank.

One Internet company that aids businesses and works toward them accomplishing success on the net is WSI. WSI has been answering calls to solve corporate business problems online for over ten years and, as the techniques they use have been established to bring obvious results for their customers, they’ve been presented with the honour ‘No. 1 Internet and Technology Solutions Company in the World’. There are two ways that WSI demonstrates how victorious Internet commerce is: By helping business clients arrive at success and, their franchisees (Internet consultants) glean direct payoffs too from having gratifying and fruitful careers. WSI is really one of the companies that encompass the potency of e-marketing and the profits are justly shared: with clients flourishing and franchise holders with the company establishing estimable careers.

With reference to financial surety, the investment required for a WSI franchise is very low-priced, especially when counted against the far steeper costs of other sorts of franchise. WSI also fights against Internet rip-offs and have set up a scam coalition in order to allow people who have had disastrous experiences with Internet companies or bogus businesses to report particulars. By making certain that other people are mindful of the drawbacks of corrupt commercial enterprises, WSI sits at the epicentre of the efforts to defend Internet safety for all those who would like to go shopping, superintend their business or simply spend leisure time online.



Elizabeth Miranda

Why Every Business Needs a Web Site

Marketing work as a home business for the firm of your client may merge the company and Internet brick and mortar location together.

Do you understand this statement? Another way to say it is all Planet Earth companies need a website with article content and active email access.

One of the best ways, after having cell phones with pictures, is to connect the two with opt in e-mail. Retailers and every sort of business with many key employees use or should use this whether they are content writers or not.

Business managers, employees, coaches and consultants whose home business marketing work for that business is all Internet, or whose Internet and store location marketing are not connected are living in the antiquated, Fred Flintstone ages, by missing excellent opportunities to drive customers to both their web site and physical door.

Combining the two with email leads to more sales smoothly, faster and they can also be tracked. It saves customers financial and personal time resources and gives your business a true up to date presence.

Online and off line marketing consultants who learn to link direct email marketing campaigns, to every day correspondence, effectively will naturally find themselves with more work from more home Internet business entrepreneurs. Retailers, stock brokerages, furniture stores, accountants the list is endless need this new correspondence link.

Customers can ask questions over email links to the retailer sales floor expert or get quotes for stocks or bonds from online brokers. They can find your listed solar shingle roof supplier to have an energy producing roof installed and other unique needed information like this. The new age of niche correspondence is here.

The prime time marketing task of offering top level awareness for your clients and their traffic to their domain home page or online maps and addresses to and for their store can be done well with e-mail and web developed technology and information. No searching through hard to understand yellow page directories, and lost sales, is needed or wanted.

If your advertising work for that client involves buying a billboard you want to include the Web address. Logging on should include gathering customer information, including their email address, by offering free newsletter info that offers useful information to them. Include a coupon with the email that offers a percentage off their next purchase.

Offer a small discount on their next purchase that is given for answering ten key questions that lets you know their present and future wants and needs. You now have a great profile to shop your customers.

You want to work at marketing and making both into one, in the customers mind, so they unite to hone a profitable home business for yourself. Having an online catalog with good pictures will make your two business views one if you can entice your customers into shopping online and show them why they can also come to the brick store of your clients.

Include listing the hours and location of each of the physical stores of your client. Create an online program of preferred customers who get additional discount coupons online to be redeemed at all their stores or from the catalog on line.
Blockbuster has done a good job of this. Membership at Blockbuster dot com, at $14.95 includes unlimited videos order on the Web and delivery by mail. It includes a coupon each week for a free movie at any wood and glass Blockbuster.

All your home business client storefront locations can help with online marketing work by bringing the customers to the Internet with leaflet bag stuffers when they make any purchase.

They do this by offering useful newsletters, e-books and more discount coupons online for email addresses. Serious promises must be made to avoid spam.

Printing the URL on shopping bags, receipts and business cards with useful information like calendars, first aid and sports team schedules customers will keep is effective.

If you look at the back of a Petco, Burger King, Taco Belle or some other alert retailer receipts you will see lots of, we love you and want you back, information on them.

Web addresses and email for free information addresses should be prominently displayed on delivery and service trucks as well. Have this information with catchy, short easy to remember names with a free e-book offer as well.

E-mail, e-commerce marketing does the difficult task of bringing your home business client customers, who are traveling closer to them. It also stimulates people to buy just because the business of your client exists as an online web site presence.

Few will act right away, the more useful emails they receive from the firm the more likely they are going to buy something when their pertinent need or desire arises.

It takes seven contacts to get the average sale. Careful, steady, time spaced emails get results from the customers of your clients.

Naturally your newsletter needs to be sent at least seven times to get a sale. Have stories of customer satisfaction where their needs were met in unique ways. Have employees record them on the sales floor to send to email subscribers. People like stories.

Every email should have an agitate, problem that comes up, possible solution and suggested solutions. Teach your customers to think like you, with emails and e-books and they will come back to you over and over again forever.

An exciting and rewarding part of your home business marketing consulting work is statistical. Keep track of effective techniques for your client Internet and retail business.

Lastly, make it an exciting and fun business for your employees and managers to work with and involve them in it to get their help and cooperation.

E-mail and developing web sites with your physical presence client business will make them more sales and long term customers of yours.

James Lowe

Internet Marketing Within A Budget

Internet marketing is not only very important but it is also one of the least inexpensive of business promotion tools that anyone can have. However, the Internet moves so fast that the biggest factor that decides whether or not Internet marketing within a budget is possible is time. The time that is spent on advertising and the time that is spent waiting between renewed advertising efforts.

This is a very simple cause-and-effect situation. The more time you spend advertising the more is the market exposure, brand and name recognition, and popularity that you gather. There is nothing mysterious in this process. You could run an all-out eCommerce website for your business or you could be the owner of a blog that lists your products, whatever the case, people are not going to keep coming to your website address unless they know it is there in the first place and that leads you back to marketing.

Every marketing strategy begins with one common point: the target audience. Unless and until you know the group towards which your marketing campaign is targeted, no internet marketing strategy is going to work for you.

Once you have your target audience you can go ahead with internet market strategies like article submission, posting in messages forums and newsgroups, and the ever-popular online classifieds. All these options are either free or they cost very little.

The nature of classifieds is similar to the ones in other media. Care should be taken when posting articles or messages in forums. Do not be adamant or pushy. Stick to the details of your business and products. Highlight the differences and benefits and so on. Online communities are very friendly places and rudeness is never welcomed there, so be polite and try to establish a reputation for yourself as a regular poster and a person who is always willing to help someone else. Do not give anyone reason to feel displeasure upon reading your name in the “From” field.

Once you have selected a type of Internet marketing within a budget it is critical that you do not wait too long for results to appear. This is where a lot of people go wrong. They keep expecting things to change for way longer than is prudent. Of course, there is always the chance that you do everything right the first time and see the results that you expected, but in case you do not, then it would be wise to reconsider your marketing technique and strategy because it is obviously not working. There is no sense in continuing with a marketing strategy that fails to show any result for almost a month.

However, do not feel discourage in case of such a failure, as it is quite normal. As you get more and more familiar with Internet marketing, your response time will automatically improve.

Internet marketing within a budget is quite possible; you just need to get your basics right and a little practice.

Ryan Ginster

Online Shopping Experience In United Kingdom.

There are many advertising companies that hope people will want to fully experience online shopping in UK. There are large revenues to be amassed from the millions of people that routinely shop throughout London, and other cities in the United Kingdom at retail locations that have a physical storefront. With a good virtual experience online shopping in UK should progress faster than expected, and be far more profitable.

There are marketing campaigns in place that will guide people to experience online shopping in UK, and are expected to be a success, if all marketing angles go according to plan. People enjoy fanfare and celebrations, and with well-planned marketing strategies, trade organizations are holding out all stops to afford people with fun incentives that encourage them to experience online shopping in UK.

Some of the marketing tools that are used in marketing campaign are other businesses. These businesses, however, have the capability of reaching millions of viewers, audiences and listener’s through media outlets such as radio stations, major tabloid’s and email marketing announcements that introduce various Internet businesses to the public in an informal, yet dignified manner.

Marketing companies use online shoppers in UK to spread the word about what a pleasant experience online shopping in UK can be. Personal experiences carry a lot of weight with shoppers, and marketing specialists know this very well, and want prospective customers to hear these positive points of view. Even negative experiences can be turned into positive ones with the right marketing technique.

Other incentives are used by marketing companies to entice people to experience online shopping in UK. Some marketing campaigns spare no expense and offer their prospective online shoppers trips, prizes and other discount offers if they will only agree to experience online shopping in UK at least one time. They feel that once people have a great experience online, they will continue to use the Internet for all of their shopping needs.

Another marketing tool that marketing specialists use is providing avid shopper’s with an online shopping education. These marketing professionals stress the need for safety while shopping online. They will hold events and conferences to provide shoppers with the required level of education they need to comfortably shop online. After a time, their knowledge will allow them to be more assured of all phases and factors involved in online Internet shopping.

When people come to the realization that their credit card and personal information is well protected by security software whenever they conduct business sales online, they will be more prone to experience online shopping in UK with a considerable level of confidence.

Some marketing tools will never be able to break through the level of fear that people have about doing any type of shopping on the Internet. This fear might be based on a bad experience they had while doing their online shopping in UK. These shoppers will need a lot of convincing before they venture out into the worldwide web to purchase anything. They will more than likely be shoppers at brick and mortar storefronts for the rest of their lives.

Leon Groom

Small Home Business Opportunity Ideas

You have a computer. You have been surfing the net a lot and are now thinking about a small ecommerce business.

You have dedicated drive to see your small home internet business opportunity succeed. You are hungry.

All you need now is an idea.

You might have spoken to friends and family, some of whom are in business for themselves. They might have given you some ideas about what works for them.
Unfortunately you do not really seem to be able to get excited about the work they have found to do.
Do not despair. In order to find a suitable small home based business opportunity, you need to first figure out what it is that you really enjoy doing.

Now, try to match it up with opportunities that are out there.

For example, if you enjoy helping other people, have an affinity for seeing happy children, and want to help your local neighborhood schools succeed, then your business opportunity may very well be to work as a fundraising consultant.

Whether you market coupon booklets of local merchants, cookie dough, pizza coupons, or candy bars, there are some companies out there that will help you get started and who will even provide you with leads.

You will realize a strong profit margin, and you will have the contentment of knowing that you helped a school succeed.

Your goal is for you to contact local schools, and other charitable organizations, and offer to do their fundraising for them.

If they sign on and order from you, you will realize the profit.

If you like, you can even use your time and creativity to really help kick off the fundraiser and make it a resounding success. It has happened.

Another possibility might be that you like the idea of helping college students.

You might even have a lot of contacts in the student community, either because you yourself are a student, or because you have college kids at home.

If you have others come and ask you for help with resumes, and job finding, why not turn your friendly help into a lucrative business?

Especially if you almost accidentally find that you do some niche task well.

With a well done website, you can specialize in helping college students to find that entry level job they so diligently studied for.

Have the satisfaction of helping others, while also getting something out of the deal.
You will, of course, need to stay informed about industry trends and push the right button power wording.
This can be accomplished by simply reading online publications that speak on the subject.

Almost any subject that exists can be found on the internet.

If you spend just one hour a day on any one subject, just one now, within five years you will be one of the foremost authorities in the world on it. Amazing, huh? But true.

Just one subject. Every day one hour. Do it five straight years.

Even if you like your job this can be a nice life changing experience for you.

Word of mouth advertising in addition to some well placed ads on the bulletin board at the local colleges will make sure that you get interested students to find you.

Business cards with a picture on them can help you do this.
What a great way to not only have a small home based business opportunity but to also be helping someone as they embark on their professional journey in life. You are great.

Always compete with yourself to your very best.

James Lowe