Adsense is a Very High Click-through Rate

There are times Google’s heralded ad affiliate program isn’t in your long term business interest. Oh no I said it!


AdSense isn’t the unstoppable revenue engine for every ebusiness. Before I am taken out and flogged by the eCommerce pundits — please let me explain what I mean in my defense.


I make revenues from AdSense at a very high click-through rate. I experience high click-through rates with AdSense without resorting to questionable tactics like tricking site users with photos (the AdSense trick and tip detour).


So my perspective is from one who has made decent income from AdSense to fund aspects of his business like advertising seminars — and outsourcing to his virtual assistants. To know more go to Yes, AdSense is a legitimate and significant revenue source. However evaluate AdSense with some type of balance.


By now you may have heard about people like Joel Comm.’s six figure income with AdSense, or Jason Callahan’s of Weblogs being on his way to generating 1 million dollars in AdSense revenue. Google’s Ad revenue sharing affiliate program for publishers certainly seems to be an sales Nirvana for many webmasters.


But there are obvious and not so obvious times not to use AdSense ads on your sites. Let’s list – examine – and explain them below.


1. On Sales or Mini-sites


this is a no-brainer. If you are trying to sell a particular product that is important to your bottom-line, you don’t want AdSense ads distracting your customers from either joining your email list, or hindering your site’s online sales process.


However I do see hybrid sites that are mini-sites or full scale eCommerce sites, with AdSense at the bottom of their pages. This might not be so bad since only 1% – 15% of your site visitors will either buy from you or fill out a form.


The thinking with this approach is you might as well make money from disinterested parties using up your server’s bandwidth.


2. SEO Business Sites


If your livelihood depends on search engine optimization or marketing for a living you might want to think twice about displaying AdSense Ads on your site. I can tell you this from personal experience. I once was on top of MSN for search engine marketing in my local area. I concentrated on my local area because I found people felt more comfortable hiring an eCommerce consultant locally.


One day my site fails totally out of the MSN index. After intense study I noticed that I obviously had a filter on my site from MSN.


I analyzed all the top ranking sites in MSN and noticed the only difference between me and the other top ranking sites was I had Google AdSense ads on my site. Someone at MSN felt that my AdSense ads, and perhaps to a less extent, my book on SEO, was getting a free ride in the MSN search engine database.


In fact I noticed that there were no sites with AdSense ads for at least the first 3 pages. Plus the sites with AdSense were only using 1 ad unit at the bottom of the home page (there were very few of them in the top 5 pages).


I knew it was strange to not have AdSense ads on the top Internet marketing sites. This prompted me to scan other industries where I noticed the same trend.


Many of the leading SEO gurus have sites that have been banned from the top listings by the search engines. It seems the more visible you become, the more of a target your sites are to the search engine auditors.


Some of my sites are still on the top of MSN with AdSense ads but that doesn’t mean they won’t also be targets in the future.


Let’s face the facts. MSN and Yahoo! have competing ad networks to Google’s, and this competitive situation is rife for a potential backlash against SEO sites with AdSense ads.


Many Sees will point to exceptions to this position. However you have been warned!


Think about it, how long will MSN and Yahoo! sit back and watch SEO driven websites use their search indexes to fund Google? Did you know SEO in MSN and Yahoo(!) — is much easier to obtain.


Therefore optimized sites are creating an ad sales wealth transfer from MSN and Yahoo into the pockets of Google! It won’t be long before Yahoo! and MSN begin to devalue ranking on AdSense sites in their databases — if not outright ban them.


If you are in the search engine business stay search engine neutral, or create multiple sites for different search engines.


3. When AdSense Becomes you’re Only Business Model


When you become so myopic in your thinking that you build a business solely on AdSense revenue — think again my friend. Why build a business solely on the largess of Google?


I don’t know if your realize it or not, but the sites making the real big AdSense money usually have a following that doesn’t depend on the search engines. Internet mavens like Chris Pirelli or Joel Comm. have been on the Internet a while and have followings for their websites. Therefore they can consistently make six figures with AdSense.

These content powerhouses are an asset to Google and not the other way around. But do you think Google is going to sit back and watch just anybody make big bucks off of their top rankings?

If you do a search on most keywords you will notice many of the top ranking sites are news sites, .go sites, or .org sites these days for more details you can login to The only exception is in industries where these sites don’t really exist like eCommerce industries (clothing, shopping, etc.).

No doubt in most industries you will notice a conspicuous scarcity of AdSense sites in the top rankings. In other words don’t bet your future fortunes on AdSense.


An IPO based on projections of AdSense revenue isn’t in the future for the average ebusiness. Think of Google AdSense as supplemental income. Building a business solely on AdSense revenue isn’t just silly — it’s just plain stupid.


Nikhil Garg

What is a White Collar Franchise/business/opportunity?

White collar franchises or business opportunities are those which allow the franchise holder to work in a situation or industry that they may previously have thought required them to have certain qualifications. The term white collar very often references executive or managerial placements.

Previously, franchise was perceived to be associated predominantly with blue collar workers. The expression stems mostly from the working classes and the kinds of jobs they traditionally did: more usually physical or industrial jobs, commonly described as unskilled work. The tag ‘white collar’, by contrast, was mainly employed to portray those with greater credentials; very often white collar workers were found in administrative positions in businesses that used a blue collar workforce.

Both of these rather archaic terms are still widely used, although these days the edges are found to be slightly blurred. Generally a blue collar franchise business would be one that concerned the manufacture of products, manual labour, and would very likely necessitate a hands-on side to doing unskilled work.

Many people wonder what represents a good white collar franchise or business opportunity, and want to know if it’s the case these days that the class system has no make a success of a white collar franchise? Quite simply – yes.

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One of the most excellent white collar franchise business openings currently available is a WSI consultancy. WSI franchise were actually named ‘The first white collar franchise’, and this business opportunity really is cutting edge. With so many businesses seeing the advantages of promoting their businesses on the Internet, a specialized solutions service is now considered an essential thing, not a luxury. This is precisely the service that WSI provides its many of business customers with – and it’s an fundamental aspect of productively advancing their companies on the net.

WSI franchise holders are given total training as soon as they have invested in their franchises and continuous back up is on-hand in the early stages while consultants gain confidence and grow their businesses.

Consultants with WSI have the advantages of personal and professional independence. By employing the company’s six-phased development plan they are able to ensure success for literally thousands of businesses of all sizes worldwide. WSI’s bespoke solutions are guaranteed to be successful! These methods improve income dramatically cut overheads and improve productivity. And, as the company’s proven systems are so well-organized, even trainee consultants discover that they rapidly acclimatize to being white-collar consultants.

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WSI Consultants use the company’s ground-breaking technologies, expertise, training and back-up in order to supply tailor-made Internet solutions to business customers – the technical side is handled by the company on the franchisee’s behalf. In addition,  this white collar career opening is obtainable for the affordable and recession-friendly sum of $49,700.

If you once thought blue collar work was your only choice, you’re advised to reconsider and be positive. Changing times bring about new horizons. WSI recognises the massive swing toward e-commerce, and this means there are well-paid prospects to be had by all.

Elizabeth Miranda

E-commerce Web Site Design

A-1 Websitedesign is a leading edge technology and IT consulting firm focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients in areas such as e-finance, e-business, mobile solutions, telecom, data networking, etc.

A-1 also provides offshore software development and maintenance services (“off sourcing”) for companies ranging from the Global 2000 to promising startups. A-1 Technology provides the best and the most cost effective solutions to its clients.A-1 promise a compelling experience that will generate new and greater revenue opportunities. “A-1 Technology is a leading New York software company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients in areas such as e-finance, e-business, mobile solutions, telecom, data networking, etc. We also provides offshore software development and maintenance services
As effective outsourcing demands true partnership and better Quality, our global outsourcing services have become the foundation for the many long-term, mutually rewarding relationships and Excellence in our work and approach and hard work always are our values which are the true reasons for our success. The company makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide unless explicitly stated in the proposal/contract. We disclaim any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All software services performed by A-1 Websitedesign are non-refundable and are at clients own risk. The company reserves the right to revise its policies at any time.
We deliver remote development services from our global network of outsourcing centers. We use a combination of on-site and remote resources (near shore and offshore), with on-site focused on the business requirements and knowledge transfer, and the remote resources performing technical specifications and development coding. As effective outsourcing demands true partnership, our global outsourcing services have become the foundation for the many long-term, mutually rewarding relationships we enjoy with our clients. Using every component within our professional services capabilities, we can help you offload all elements of your business. A-1 Websitedesign IT solutions cover clients’ computing needs, from full mainframe information processing centers, to desktops, and everything in between. We currently operate several large mainframe and midrange data centers, manage numerous networks, and administer desktops across the globe.
A-1 Websitedesign is a place where a broker conducts his business. We offer the ideal solution for the brokerages to manage their investments with Online Trading Software, Stocks, mutual funds, money market accounts, options, and more. We also provide online securities brokerage services.

More and more stock investors are bringing their brokerage business to us because we offer proven solutions that fully meet their expectations. With unique solutions created expressly for brokerage firms, our effective target marketing tools will help you identify profitable prospective customers with invest able assets.

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Improving The Odds Of Success In Ecommerce

Technological advances have allowed a series of potential revenue streams in the world of ecommerce. Certainly the technological revolution has allowed brick and mortar commerce to open its doors to international clients. And while this is a rather large tip on a rather large iceberg it’s not the sum total of available online wealth.

A Little Work: A Long-Term Reward

There are a number of methods online business can use to ramp up their income. Obviously you may prefer to rely on one business application, but the truth is the benefits of legitimate SEO techniques can take some time to be realized. The use of other low-key methods of revenue management can help you weather the storm of ecommerce startup. The fact that the bulk of these ideas rely on residual or passive income may make them a strategy you may wish to adopt long-term.


Information – If you have specific knowledge about how to do something or you are an expert on a particular subject you may find a respectable return on the sale of an ebook or other informational products such as a paid webinar. This form of residual income allows you to set up an automated estore with funds automatically transferred to an account of your choice.

Affiliation – Once you develop an ecommerce site you may find that there are related products that are a compliment to your existing offerings. You can derive an income from becoming an affiliate for an existing line that enhances your website and brings in a commission on each sale of affiliated products.

Software Creation – If you are technologically gifted you may have an idea for a software product that either entertains or educates a segment of the Internet buying public. Software products can be downloadable online through an automated process leaving this portion of your online presence essentially hands free with ongoing income potential.

Become a Salesman – If you are effective at marketing you may be a valuable asset to other sites looking for reliable outlets to resell products and services. They will be delighted with your ability and you are the beneficiary of residual income based on the sales you generate.

Content – By developing a site that relies heavily on quality content coupled with the effective use of target PPC advertising you can gain long-term income from advertisers as visitors follow advertising links from your content site to an advertiser’s site.

Many ecommerce sites come and go, but the implementation of some of the residual income ideas above can help you get past the initial phases of online business ownership and provides a greater opportunity for ultimate business success.

Scott Lindsay

The Spreading Out of Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the hottest, newest of Indian cities that have seen rapid growth in the near past. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the town is still on its way to reach new heights. It is one of the very few Indian cities that are more of a creation of private enterprises and planning rather than government regulation and planning.

Just few years back, Gurgaon was considered only a small village, which was in the close proximity of Delhi. Gurgaon began to see prominence in the mid 1980s when the Haryana government realized that the closeness of the border should enable them to gain unlimited business opportunities from New Delhi. They understood that there could be no better way of accruing investments, infrastructure and revenues into the state of Haryana. Now to find property in Gurgaon without the help of real estate agents is not possible. There are various real estate property search engines which are solely targeting the Gurgaon and are helping to search properties in Gurgaon.

This was the time when there was nothing but barren land around. Some of the entrepreneurs seized this opportunity at that time. They began to set up farmhouses and farms around Gurgaon. Among these entrepreneurs DLF is a name that cannot go without mention. Although, it was a relatively small company that time but it was known in New Delhi real estate market for some of its projects.

DLF understood that Gurgaon was a good opportunity to them. The land values at that time were very low in Gurgaon and so DLF invested in thousands of acres of land. Today, after few years, that same land has provided DLF with large rewards and they have turned as one of the wealthiest companies.

Be it commercial rental space in Gurgaon or corporate rent out, or may be industrial space to let, today the real estate rates have reached new heights. The facilities available in Gurgaon and its short distance from New Delhi have imparted Gurgaon with all this growth. The corporate complexes in Gurgaon are world class and so are the residential areas. They are well planned, elegant and sophisticated. There are also retail malls that bring in all the global brands, restaurants and hotels into the city of Gurgaon. What more can someone ask for and what more reasons can there be for its rising real estate.

A booming real estate market and a sharp surge in consumer spending levels have seen Gurgaon emerge as the biggest gainer in the neighboring areas of Delhi. Be it terms of rise in retail rentals, or buying a small flat, Gurgaon has received an excellent boost from the market.

Jack Macferson

What is the best way to gracefully go out of business?

My husband has owned a small (about $350,000 per year in revenue) retail business in a small town for 5, nearly 6 years now. It has survived but he has put everything he has into it, including all of his financial resources to keep it alive. He’s not a man accustomed to failing so he’s dedicated to the end but the strain of keeping this store going is killing him yet he really has no idea how to get off the merry-go-round. He’s 46 and we have four kids so having the business collapse wouldn’t be good for him or the family. No, he didn’t major in business in college and this is a second career venture which may make the pressure greater. Any experienced business folks out there with advice on what to do in this situation before he doesn’t have any other options? I’ve asked him if he’s thought about selling the business but he has no idea how to do that. As originally stated, what are the graceful ways to exit a situation like this? Thanks in advance for all thoughtful replies

Look, you’ve poured almost 6 years of your life into a business that is generating $350k in revenues. Whatever your do, you do NOT walk away from that. I don’t know the details of your particular situation (are your products unique in your town? are they complimentary to another store’s products? are there additional revenue streams that can be generated through services? etc) but I would guess you could sell your business for at least a 2.5x multiple on next year’s projected earnings. That means you should be able to sell your business (there are business brokers that will help you with this, just like real estate brokers help you sell your house) for somewhere around $1M. You might have to stay on as management for some period of time to train the new owner, assure a successful transition, etc but that should allow you to feel more like an employee for a few months until the transition is complete.

If you don’t want to sell, you should remember my favorite saying: Owning is different than running. How can you create additional leverage? Can you hire and train a trusted manager to run the store? Can you merge with another store, in exchange for some cash and ownership in the new venture, and negotiate your new role to be less intensive than your current one? Are there family members who would buy into the business and relieve some of the load?

The last option you might consider is this: can you re-purpose your existing investment (building/lease) to a business that has higher margins or requires less personal time? For example (not necessarily a recommendation), a store specializing in helping people list items on eBay in exchange for a percentage. Maybe import/export. Maybe gourmet food products. Think outside the box. Take a look around you, talk to your customers, find out what people want. The best guiding principal I’ve found in starting and running successful business is this: Find a way to help as many people as possible…the money will come.

How to Avoid Ebusiness Website That Doesn’t Bring Business

Don’t be fooled into believing that all you need to do business online is a good website. Before you expend your life-savings developing a beautiful website loaded with amazing graphics, dancing buttons, chat rooms, and photos of beautiful women because your web developer told you that’s how to attract users to a site, read this article.

Attracting Users Does Not Mean Selling Your Products Or Services:

A shocker for many new entrants to ecommerce is the hard reality that a website does not make money. It’s only a communication tool to reach out to Internet users. Therefore, the success of an Ebusiness does not rely on a website, but rather on the business model, because it is a business. Think about it, what drives market in a real shop on the corner of a street: the painting, furniture, beautiful sales girl, or how the store does business? Well your guess is as good as mine. It is how the store does business. Walking into a store either to tease a pretty sales girl, or admire the furniture does not result in sales if there are no good products and the workers, perhaps, lack customer service skills.

Experience Matters:

Most junior web-developers fresh from college are quick to unleash their programming skills with latest web-designing tools. Waoh, the site is beautiful! The real question is how much are you making from the Ecommerce site? Ebusiness is an investment like real estate, taxi business, etc. You are into it because you want to make some money. In other words, it should have a Return on Investment (ROI), and a ‘Payback Period’ because technology outdates quite easily.

Your beautiful website does not make money because it’s designed to attract attention but not to make money. A good ECommerce site is a combination of painstaking analyses by an Ebusiness Expert, good programming by a Web Developer, excellent contents by a Web Communicator, aggressive marketing strategy by a Web Marketer, and active maintenance by a Web Content Manager. Don’t throw a fit yet if you do not have the capital to invest on these aforementioned, overpriced professionals. In most cases one person or two can have a combination of the skills above. If you are a small business with a small budget one place you can find very low-cost consultants for analyses, design and content management is at

Use An Ebusiness Consultant Not A Web-Developer:

If you want to start an Ebusiness you should be shopping for an Ebusiness Consultant rather than a Web Developer. Both are not the same. A good Ebusiness Consultant normally has an advanced degree in Management Information Systems, MBA, or Marketing, and several years or working experience in a specific industry. S(he) understands not only the technology but also the market trends. Take for instance in the medical field, there are pediatricians specializing in children medicine, gynecologists specializing on pregnant women, dermatologist for the skin, optometrist for the eye, etc. Your visit to a doctor starts with a diagnosis, or perhaps a lab visit. That determines the type of doctor you will see. If you are ill you don’t walk to a nurse to get treatment, do you? What makes you think Ebusiness is different? It is the job of an Ebusiness Consultant to recommend solutions to your Ebusiness needs, including the type of website a web developer needs to develop for you.

Research Your Product and Target Audience:

A corporate website that provides information about a company is different from a dating website that match-makes people; both are different from a news website. Target audience plays an important role in website development. Who is your audience? The online market is segmented into various demographic categories. For instance a site targeting serious-minded financial professionals is quite different from a site targeting youths and teenagers. Whereas a typical teenager may be fascinated by a heavily animated site with background music and pictures of celebrities, a financial analyst who’s sharing a cubicle with another staff wishing to renew her subscription to a financial magazine during office hours may not find animations, pop-ups, and background music really funny. Take a look at this website targeting youth audience. It uses pictures of celebrities to attract and sustain the youth audience. Take a look at this small business that sells Italian goods It uses Italian food recipes and travel information to attract its target audience.

Leave Intro Pages For Adult Websites:

Not every Internet user has all the time on Earth to wait for your flash intro page to load. If this is a business website, please skip the ‘into thing’ and take customers straight to business. Your homepage should be professional with links to other sections of the site. Some of your best products should be displayed on the homepage. A user should start doing business right from your homepage, and doesn’t have to dig in to find products.

Background Music? Some Users Are In the Office:

Imagine receiving a link from a friend to check out a site while you are in the office. On clicking the link you are surprised by a blasting sound of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ song at the background. Your office colleagues turn to you and ask ‘What’s that? Not funny at all. A typical modern office is a low-wall cubicle shared with a host of other staff.

Font Color/ Size Are Age Determinant:

The older your target audience, the larger should be your fonts. A typical example is a retirement home site, or pension fund management site. The patrons are likely ageing retirees. If you are not sure who’s visiting your site, I suggest you use a standard ‘Times New Romans’, or ‘Arial’ fonts, size 12. Colors should be mild. Avoid background colors if you can, unless where research shows such a color can attract certain type of customers.

Graphics? Think About Download Speed

Before you load up your website with heavy graphics bear in mind that not everyone has the luxury of DSL, broadband, or high speed Internet. Many web-users are still stuck with simple dial-up connections. Downloading graphics can be a thorn in the flesh for dial-up users.

If you think that Ecommerce is so easy that even a cave man can do it, so why would you need an Ebusiness Consultant? Well, next time you want to repaint your car try hiring a house painter instead. After all they’re all painters and should know about paints. Tell me how it went afterwards.

This writer is available for Ebusiness Consulting for small businesses. You can contact or read more about this writer at:

Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu

It's All About People, Process, and Technology. Technology is Dead Last in the Order of Importance When it Comes to Security

The recent and explosive growth of the Internet and technology has brought many good things such as e-commerce, collaborative computing, online markets and new avenues of sharing and distributing information. But each side has its counterpart, and with the technological advances came hackers. With this dark side and the many security breaches that are associated with it, companies, governments and individuals are afraid of hackers breaking into their servers or networks, stealing valuable data, collecting passwords and intercepting financial and credit card information.

And many times this can become reality. Recently, there has been a flurry of security breaches among large organizations such as Western Union, that reported a security breach on their Web site that let loose the credit-and debit-card information for 15,700 customers. Another recent hacker case is a 16-year-old youth, who admitted hacking into military and NASA computer networks. His activities caused a three-week shutdown of NASA’s systems and a security breach of a military computer network which protects against conventional, biological, chemical and nuclear-weapon attacks. That’s just a small sampling of actual hacks. Most industry watchers agree that only a handful of security breaches are ever reported.

For a long time, most computer network crackers hacked a system for the same reason: “Because it’s there.” But that’s no longer the only reason or even the dominant one. More hackers now do it because “It’s where the money is.” In the past decade, hackers have changed from script kiddies who hacked websites and spread worms to professionals sponsored by foreign governments and organized crime. Modern hackers want more than infamy. They exploit new technologies to crack systems or hack into computer systems and hold data for ransom. Hackers today commit real crimes, sometimes for significant financial gain.

To safeguard themselves from the modern hackers, most companies and government agencies that want to uncover network and system security vulnerabilities have two choices: they can hire a team of penetration experts to scan and probe their systems and uncover their vulnerabilities, or they can wait for a malicious hacker to come by and exploit them. Unfortunately, many times it is the latter. A security analysis or penetration test, performed by a security consultant, would produce a report or security posture assessment, detailing all vulnerabilities found and the actions needed to remedy them and minimize the risk of being the victim of a successful hack attack.

The security consultant or penetration expert can be a “white hacker”, someone who uses ethical hacking to discover vulnerabilities within a network or a reformed “black hacker”, who once was an active part of the dark side and used to exploit the identified security holes. The subject of whether it is ethical to use former hackers to evaluate a network’s security is a topic that is often hotly debated – and for many reasons.

Ethical hackers or security consultants typically have very strong programming and computer networking skills and have been in the computer and networking business for several years. Their base knowledge and expertise is augmented with detailed knowledge of the hardware and software, project management skills and methodology which are necessary for the actual vulnerability testing, as well as when reporting after the test was performed. In addition to that, ethical hacking seminars, courses and certifications are being offered to IT professional to broaden their horizon and skills in these fields. But many times these hacking courses and seminars only provide a very limited insight, outdated hacking or only basic hacking techniques. Their main purpose is to educate professionals but not to create a new generation of hackers. The goal is to fill security holes, not exploit them.

A disadvantage that white hackers or security consultants have over hackers is the real world experience and the insight knowledge. There are many things that cannot be taught in a seminar or learned from a book. The most obvious advantage former hackers have, is the real world hacking experience. As each network system differs based on various network defenses and configurations, the hack approach will be unique and only someone with plenty of real world hacking experience can efficiently go from using one technique to another as required by the present situation.

Another positive aspect of hiring reformed hackers as security consultants is that staying up on the latest security exploits, vulnerabilities and countermeasures is part of their job. A good hacker has a level of security knowledge that goes far beyond that of most other IT professionals. Keeping up with the latest exploits and countermeasures is a full time job and although the IT professional has an acceptable level of security knowledge, they must focus most of their attention on the day to day responsibilities of keeping the network up and running. To make up these “deficiencies” many white hackers and security consultants rely on automated and commercial vulnerability and penetration software, that can provide needed security reports, but their functions are limited. The huge differences can be seen when comparing the results from an automated scan and a hacker assessment or professional penetration test.

But before a company makes the decision to hire a reformed hacker, one needs to evaluate the negative sides. Certainly there are several types of hackers that can be found. One kind oft them are the “gray hats” – the unpaid tinkerers who find flaws to improve security for everyone. They are the best hackers, because their passion for tinkering drives their excellence and they do not break the laws. The black hat hackers – the criminals – break the law and feel justified doing it. They are the kind of hackers who seek to increase their fame in the hacker community, while others want to prove at any cost that their targets’ security is vulnerable. Black hats wreak havoc not only by their own actions but also by drawing attention to weaknesses that they and cybercriminals can exploit. The last and worst kinds of hackers are the cybercriminals, who perpetrate the worst crimes. They are paid to use existing tools and techniques to steal confidential personal, government or industry information, and particularly financial data. Cybercriminals usually work for foreign governments, organized crime or independently.

The probably biggest negative in the decision making process is trust. Which hacker will you hire and how much can you trust them? The main premise of security is deciding who you trust and then locking out everyone else. When hiring a hacker as a security consultant, because of network’s security concerns, paradoxically the trust goes to the criminal. Not only is it the trust factor that plays a major role in the decision making process but also the impact the decision might have on customers and shareholder. How will the customers react, if they knew a former criminal was hired to test the security of a system or database that contains all personal and financial information? Someone with a questionable morale and judgment, is not someone who should have control of a corporate network with sensitive data. In most cases hackers, and that is what makes them hackers, do not appreciate or respect standard business processes and structures. A disgruntled hacker with inside knowledge of a company’s networks could create a nightmare scenario.

Hackers are like adventurers, motivated by intellectual curiosity. “The more secure you make your systems, the more you attract them. The hacker mind-set is like exploring space, except they’re exploring the network. If that essential curiosity on finding out how things work, which is what causes people to be hackers, goes away, then you don’t necessarily want that person as a hacker or security consultant. However, just because a h
acker has the desire and capabilities to explore a network, does not necessarily make them prepared to build a secure network and fix identified vulnerabilities. Breaking into things, does not always mean knowing how to fix them. These are two different skill sets. Once security threats have been identified, these need to be communicated including the potential business processes affected by the vulnerability, along with a list of impact assessments and countermeasures. Besides technical knowledge, the hacker will need to have experience in business processes and management, to relay his findings to the company.

Another hey factor to consider before making a decision who to hire as a security consultant, is to know that no computer system is ever completely secure, especially when considering the human factor. Spending astronomical amounts of money pursuing total security, by hiring security consultants and eventually becoming dependent on them, is not going to help. Some corporations in some industries must guard against intrusions from tech-hungry foreign governments – in particular China, France, Israel, Japan, Germany and Russia – that converted their cold-war spy machinery into “economic espionage” units, but that does not apply to all businesses. A realistic set of goals of what to expect from a security consultant need to be set first.

But no matter what the decision is and if the company hires a professional security consultant or a reformed hacker, the real threat will be still there. Any hacker, who wants to exploit a system will always try to use the path of least resistance. This path of least resistance is often through the front door. The front to door can be “identified” as the area over which businesses may have the least control: people. People are the weakest but first link when it comes to security. With good social engineering skills and not very well trained employees, disgruntled workers and ex-employees, a hacker can get enough information to access a system, insert malicious codes that contain keystroke and network sniffers and other means to collect information. The hacker just “exchanged” his keyboard with social engineering. And this is a part of security where a highly educated security consultant or a reformed hacker will not be able to help you.

Dasha Deckwerth

Ecommerce Site Design: Tell Me What You Really Think

Site design is a primary determinant in online shopping. If your site looks dated or relies on inferior site design methodology it may be the reason your sales have not grown. Perhaps existing customers are used to the site, but what about new prospects? What impression do they have of your site? What would compel them to come back?

Take some time to research your competitor’s websites. What seems to work on their site? What have they done really well? How does this information stack up with your site? What have you learned?

Many ecommerce sites will phase in new site designs every two years or so. There are always new techniques and software applications to assist in the development of something that catches attention and is highly functional.

There is one area you should resist and that’s moving forward with a new site design that has been hastily put together simply to give your site a new look. Test the links and the functionality of the site design. Have friends and associates try a beta version of the site to bring to light any flaws in the design. There is nothing worse than pushing a new site design that is riddled with flaws and broken links.

Many sites have enjoyed using Flash design in site development only to discover search engines don’t access the information in Flash. While the functionality of Flash is a positive for visitors it may be best to develop a Flash and Non-Flash version of your site so search engines can read your site content.

The use of flashing text or multicolored text should be avoided. The text may get noticed, but generally for very negative reasons. Simple, compact text will provide the best means for visitors to understand what your site is designed to provide. Another reason content is so important is to keep all of your customers in mind. You may have both visually challenged and portable device customers that may use technologies that have space constraints. Many new site designs keep these limitations in mind.

Anytime you are developing an ecommerce site enlist the help of several trusted individuals who are willing to tell you exactly what they think of the site. Honest feedback is important when considering something with as much potential as an ecommerce site. A traditional businessman wouldn’t construct a building without consulting an architect so why should online business not strive to enlist the help of others in site development techniques, design and site appearance?

Scott Lindsay

Ecommerce Website – the Latest Breakthrough in Online Shopping


Ecommerce websites have many advantages over the usual shopping ways. First of all it is an online process where there is no nagging salesman to push for making a purchase. The user can take their own time in going through the items in the website, study them, compare and when satisfied with the features, buy it. One can view and purchase the product of their choice just by sitting at home. Customers get huge collection to choose from, the overhead cost of shopping is also reduced through online shopping.

Also customers can make apt comparisons between specific products sitting in the comfort of their home. Sometimes few products face more discretion than others due to their characteristics, for example perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, etc which require physical feel of the product. Also there are products that require in-store help for better understanding.

Therefore ecommerce stores offering such products need to set-up particular risk-free online atmosphere. Risk minimizing steps should be taken in order to increase the consumers’ confidence in your product.

If your ecommerce site guarantees better customer satisfaction and security in terms of goods and services, consumers worry will automatically get reduced. If the first time buyers on your website are satisfied with the products, pricing and online services they are most likely to return back to your website for their future purchases. Maybe they start from smaller items for some time, by and then when confidence builds consumers can also buy high-end products.

Consumers always appreciate if there is personalized communication or get the chance to speak to the concerned person, thus adding personal touch to the shopping process. Building a strong marketing strategy always helps ensuring risk-free and reliable services to the consumers. Ultimately it would build loyal customers base, also encourage positive spread of word of mouth about your website.

Having clear understanding about target customers, their expectations and perceptions help a lot in framing the marketing strategies. If the quality of service and product keep par with clients’ expectations, then your website would definitely score high with the customers.

Setting up an ecommerce website is always cost effective and easy rather than setting up a shop. The costing for storage and insurance is also relatively low.

In comparison to offline marketing online marketing is easier and economical, several tactics are available for internet marketing. Like search engine optimization, pay-per-click, article submission, back-up links, directory submission and so on. The trick is to select the right ones that meet up your ecommerce site demands.

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