How much revenue was made from Retail and Wholesale Sales last year?

If the total revenue this year is 0.5% lower than than last year, how much revenue was made from Retail and Wholesale Sales last year?

a)$37,690 b) $41,040 c) $41,270 d) $41,460 e) $43, 420

Total Revenue this year: $75, 000

Revenue Retail this year: 30%
Revenue Wholesale this year: 20%

Revenue Retail last year:20%
Revenue Wholesale last year: 30%

Ive tried to answer the question but need help can you show your workings out please thank you

We know that THe revenue this year is $75 000, and we now that this is 0.5% less than last year, which means it’s 100 – 0.5 = 99.5% of last year’s revenue.
In order to find what 100% of las year’s revenue was you divide by 99.5 then multiply by 100:

(75 000/99.5)*100 = $75 376.88

Then we know that 20% of lst year’s revenue came from Retail.
20% of 75 376.88 is:
(20/100)*(75 376.88) = 15 075.38
So they made $15 075.38 in retail revenue last year.

30% of the revenue was wholesale, so they made:
(30/100)*(75 376.88) = 22 613.06
$22 613.06 in wholesale revenue last year.

THe total amount made from retail and wholesale, then, was:
22 613.06 + 15 075.38 = 37 688.44, or about $37 690

Where can I find quarterly statistical data? It can be a variety of things: crops, revenue for retail firms.?

I am in a forecasting class and our project consists of finding data and making a 2-3 year quarterly forecast. I cannot find a website that has any good information. Can someone please help? Data with seasonality and/or trend, such as retail firms or crop production, would be benifitial. THANK YOU!

Well for quarterly reports on any publicly traded company’s revenue, just go to the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Web site and search for a company. Here’s the search page:

For crop information, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is probably a good start:

They have a link to commodity market reports (under I Want To… on the righthand side), which sounds like the type of data you’re looking for.